Dossier Services

Dossier Service Documents

Please keep copies of submitted dossier documents and review them periodically for updates. You may submit updated dossier documents via email or post.

Dossier Service Policies

  • All requests for your dossier must be made by you in writing. Mailing labels are available, upon request, from the Placement Officer. The Dossier Request Form is for our records. Please bear in mind that the Placement Office needs a minimum of three days to process your requests.
  • After the initial (annual) five free dossiers, a payment of $5.00 must accompany your written request. A payment of $3.00 must accompany requests for international mailings. Emailed dossiers are sent at no charge.
  • The dossier will contain the cover sheet, the letters of recommendation and transcripts. You may ask the Placement Office to “Deactivate” particular letters of recommendation, either for particular mailings or indefinitely.