Past and Current Dissertations

Current Dissertations

Emily Artiano, “Translingual Bodies and the Eighteenth- and Nineteenth-Century Atlantic” (working title), E. Dillon

Tabitha Clark, “Documentary Modernism and the Storyteller” (working title), C. Kaplan

Jeffrey Cottrell, “Revolutionary Countergeographies: Contested Spaces and Geographic Writing in Antebellum America 1790-1861″ (working title), E. Dillon

Michael Dedek, “”Student Experiences in an Intercultural and Multilingual Writing Course”  (working title), C. Gallagher

Brent Griffin, “‘Art for Humanity’s Sake’: 1930s Midwestern Radical Regionalism, Little Magazines, and the Politics of Regional Folk Culture” (working title), C. Kaplan

Laura Hartmann-Villalta, “British and American Women Writers and the Spanish Civil War” (working title), C. Kaplan

Sarah Hastings, “‘Words are Women’: Marriage, Language and the Production of ‘Woman’ in Eighteenth-Century British Women’s Fiction” (working title), N. Aljoe and S. Peterfreund

Elizabeth Hopwood, “Eating the Atlantic: Race, Gender, and Gastronomic Borders in 19th Century American and Caribbean Literature” (working title), N. Aljoe and E. Dillon

Steven Kapica, “Negotiating Obscenity: Rhetoric and Popular Culture’s Mediation of the Obscene” (working title), C. Gallagher

Shun Kiang, “‘Only Connect”: Other Friendships, Intimacies, and Citizenships in the Novel, 1895-1924″ (working title), L. Green

Anne Kingsley, “A Poem among the Diagrams: Women’s Poetry and the Poetics of Archival Recovery” (working title), M. Loeffelholz

James McGrath, “Borrowed Country: Tradition and Innovation in Twenty-First Century American Poetry” (working title), C. Kaplan

Jessica Nelson, “‘Good Education, Good Position, and Good Blood:’ The Creole Woman and Women’s Literature of the West Indies, 1801-1934″ (working title), L. Green

Duyen Nguyen, “Orphans, Immigrants, and Empire: Making and Unmaking Narratives of Identity in the Victorian Novel” (working title), L. Green

Victoria Papa, “The Invention of Survival: Time and the Transformation of Trauma in American Modernist Literature” (working title), C. Kaplan

Patricia (Kate) Simpkins, “The Absent Agronomist and the Lord of Poison: Narratives of Colonial Soil and Great Fear in the Revolutionary Atlantic” (working title), E. Dillon

Megan Tarquinio Roche, “The Pleasure of Intertext: Towards a Cognitive Poetics of Adaptation” (working title), K. Kelly

Kathryn Templeton, “Documentary Modernism and Depression America” (working title), C. Kaplan


Greg Cass, “Transatlantic Poetry in the Long 18th Century: Milton, Empire, and the Poetics of New World Liberty”, E. Dillon

Sarah Connell, “‘No Room in History’: Genre and Identity in British and Irish National Histories, 1541-1691″, M. Leslie

Lana Cook, “Altered States: the American Psychedelic Aesthetic”, C. Kaplan

Genie Giaimo, “Unable to Remember But Unwilling to Forget: Cognition, Perception and Memory in the Contemporary American Memoir”, L. Lefkovitz

Tabitha Kenlon, “Performances of Womanhood in the Eighteenth-Century English Theatre and Novel” (working title), E. Dillon

Alicia Peaker, “‘The Different Way We Tried to Respond’: Women, Literature, and the Environment 1900-1950″ (working title), L. Green

Jenna Sciuto, “‘Postcolonial Palimpsests: Fragmented Subjectivities, Sexual Violence, and Colonial Inheritance in Tierno Monénembo, Marie Vieux-Chauvet, and William Faulkner”, N. Aljoe, E. Dillon


Jennifer Sopchockchai Bankard, “Testing Reality’s Limits: ‘Mad’ Scientists, Realism, and the Supernatural in Late Victorian Popular Fiction“, L. Green

Aparna Mujumdar, Colonial education and forms of counter knowledge: scenes of schooling in the novels of Naipaul, Brodber, Ghosh and Barnes“, P. Mullen

Stephanie L. Pappas, “Research Shows: Recasting Research Instruction in Writing-about-Writing Approaches to First-Year Composition“, E. Britt

James Richie, “Third Way Poets: Navigating the Ontological/Epistemological, Subjective, and Linguistic Uncertainty of Modern and Postmodern Poetry“, G. Rotella

Danielle Skeehan, “Creole Domesticity: Women, Commerce, and Kinship in Eighteenth-century Atlantic Writing“, E. Dillon

Arturo Zilleruelo‘Severer Interventions’: William Wordsworth and the Play of the Line, S. Peterfreund


Mary Balestraci, “Victorian Voices: Gender Ideology and Shakespeare’s Female Characters“, L. Green

Rebecca Thorndike-Breeze, “Ambivalent Recognition: Mapping Intimacies in the Novels of George Eliot, Thomas Hardy, and Virginia Woolf“, L. Green

Tanya Zhelezcheva, “The Poetics of the Incomplete in the Works of Thomas Traherne (1638-1674)“, F. Blessington


Hanna Musiol, “‘Objects of Emancipation’: The political dreams of modernism“, C. Kaplan


Michele Braun, “Cyborgs and Clones: Production and Reproduction of Posthuman Figures in Contemporary British Literature“, K. Kelly

Tiffany Conroy, “‘Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say’: Political Dissent in Grigory Kozintsev’s Shakespeare“, H. Robinson

Laurel Kornhiser, “Junctions: The Railroad, Consumerism, and Deep Time in Nineteenth Century Literature“, G. Rotella

Jennifer K. Martin, “Rearing a Nation: Anna Letitia Barbauld as Artistic and Pedagogic Mother of the Romantic Citizen“, S. Peterfreund

Kurt Moellering, “William Wordsworth, Henry David Thoreau, and the Construction of the Green Atlantic World“, M. Loeffelholz


Ben Leubner, “The Limits of My Language: Wittgenstein and Contemporary American Poetry”, G. Rotella


Nichole DeWall, “‘A Plague o’ Both Your Houses’: Shakespeare and the Early Modern Plague Writing Tradition“, K. Howlett

Cory Grewell, “Subversive merit: The revision of the classical clever slave as witty servant and social satirist in the comedies of Ben Jonson“, K. Howlett


Susan Carlisle,”Night Walker: Henry David Thoreau and the Culture of Darkness”, W. Franklin

Amy Kaufman, ” ‘Ye Are Nat Wyse to Kepe the Swerde fro Me’: Feminist Re-vision of Malory’s Morte Darthur“, K. Kelly

Alexander Neill Moffett,”The Insistence of Memory: Mnemonic Transformations in Thomas Hardy, Henry Adams, Willa Cather, and Virginia Woolf”, G. Rotella

Charlotte Alethea Simmonds-Hammons, “‘I, Too, Sing, America’: A History of Rhetoric and Writing at Historically Black Colleges and Universities in Arkansas”, K. Kelly


Bonnie Asselin, “Community and Environment: The Village Sketches of Susan Fenimore Cooper, Alice Cary, Sarah Orne Jewett, and Mary Austin”, W. Franklin

Donna Decker Reck, “Vexatiously Ever After: Marriage and the New Woman Novel”, L. Green


Lisa Perdigao, “Encrypting the Body: Entombment, Exhumation, and Figuration in Twentieth-Century American Literature”, G. Rotella

Lorianne Schaub, “‘Lying between the Earth and Heavens’: Spirituality of Place in 19th and 20th Century American Nature Writing”, W. Franklin


Mary Annas, “Continuity, Incongruity, and Class in Contemporary Canadian Literature: From Settler Colony Anxieties to Articulations of Home”, K. Kelly

Mark Bates, “Cultures of Connivance: Class (and Other) Voices in Post-War British Poetry and Fiction”, G. Rotella

Pavel Cenkl, “This Vast Book of Nature: Writing the Landscape of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, 1784-1911″, W. Franklin

Dan Collier, “A Boke Written Al with Rede Ynke: Authoritative Discourses, Women’s Devotional Writings, and the Body of Christ”, K. Kelly


Karen Aherne Garneau, “Machines, Memory and the Modern I”, M. Loeffelholz

Kathryn Mudgett, “Our Craft is a Lie: Dana, Melville, and Justice Story: Writing the Seaman’s Tale in Nineteenth-Century Law and Literature”, W. Franklin

Carmen Rivera , “In the Company of Women: The Narrative Voices of Contemporary U.S. Latina Writers”, B. TuSmith


Janet Elizabeth McIntire “H. Rider Haggard and the Victorian Occult”, F. Blessington

Douglas Andrew Reichart Powell, “Hick Town: The Cultural Politics of American Regionalism”, W. Franklin


Karen L. Paley, “Expressive Pedagogy: The Politics and Practice of Teaching the Personal Narrative”, K. Kelly


Lolly Ockerstrom, “The other Narratives: British and American Women Writers and the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939″, M. Loeffelholz

Anthony Craig Triglio, “A Poetics of Prophecy: Continuities of Visionary History in Blake, H.D., and Ginsberg”, G. Rotella


Susan Alice Alves, “A Thousand Times I’d Rather be a Factory Girl: The Politics of Reading American and British Female Factory Workers Poetry, 1840-1914″, Sussman

Aleta Feinsod Cane “Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s Forerunner: Text and Context”, E. Harbert