New Student


Where should I go for my student ID card?

Husky Card information can be found online at Please note: you will need to present a photo identification card, such as a state issued license or passport.

New TAs should specify that they need a Student ID, not a Staff/Faculty ID. TAs who are told otherwise should ask the customer service person to review their Fall enrollments or to contact the Graduate Office at 617-373-3692.

English TAs should stop by the Graduate Office to pick up a TA sticker for their ID. A note will be sent to NU email addresses when these stickers are available.

Will there be an orientation for all new students?

Yes. The Graduate Coordinator and other members of the faculty and staff will host a brief information session, typically on the first or second Friday of Fall session. Event information will be sent to you via e-mail from the Graduate Office and will be posted on the Department’s online events calendar.

What is myNEU? How do I activate my account?

Northeastern students may access their student e-mail accounts, update their contact information, register for courses, access Blackboard, and find links to various campus services via myNEU. To activate your myNEU account, click on the “How do I get a myNEU username and password?” link, and follow the directions. You will need to use the same postal code as provided in the permanent mailing address you used on your admission application. If you have any problems, please contact the InfoCommons Help Desk at 617-373-HELP.

If you did not provide a social security number on your online application, you may need to use the PKID listed under the signature line of your admissions offer letter. The Graduate Office can also provide this number upon request.

How can I find housing in the Boston area?

On- and off-campus housing info can be found at the Graduate School’s New Student FAQ website. Many students use Craig’s List to find affordable housing. Popular areas for grad students include Brighton, Cambridge, Jamaica Plain, Somerville, and Boston proper.

Whom should I contact when my address changes?

Contact the Graduate Office as soon as possible, and when you can access your myNEU account, submit new contact information to the Registrar’s Office via the link provided under the Self Services tab.

I’m not receiving e-mails from the English Department. What’s going on?

Often, correspondence to e-mail groups is sent bcc:. Check to make sure mail from Northeastern isn’t going into your Junk/Bulk folder. Also, double check that the e-mail account you are using matches the e-mail address you provided on your application. As Fall semester approaches, correspondence be sent to myNEU e-mail addresses only.

How can I gain access to NU’s athletic facilities?

Once students pay the Campus Recreation Fee, they can access the fitness facilities on campus. ABD students and students who wish to use the athletic facilities during the summer may have to submit this form:


Who will be my advisor?

After the Graduate School receives your signed confirmation, the Graduate Coordinator will send you an advisor assignment. To ensure the timely arrival of your letter, make sure the Graduate Office has your current contact information on file.

How will I register for courses?

Registration information is available on the Graduate School New Student FAQ website.

When does registration begin?

For important registration dates, please review the academic calendar, available on the Registrar’s website.

How many courses should I take?

Part-time MA students

Enroll in at least one course per semester to maintain satisfactory progress toward the degree (General Regulations, pg 5).

Notes: A part-time MA who does not enroll in courses for a period of one year may be asked to reapply (General Regulations, pg 15). All students must be registered in the last semester of their program (General Regulations, pg 15).

Full-time MA students

Enroll in three courses each term  (General Regulations, pg 5).

Since only 10 courses are required, the final term will include a zero-credit enrollment (ENGL 6960: Masters Exam Prep), indicating, to the Registrar and financial aid offices, that the student has completed as much coursework as he/she can and is considered full-time.

Note: All students must be registered in the last semester of their program (General Regulations, pg 15).

BA-to-PhD students (students entering the PhD program with a BA or equivalent)

Years 1 & 2: Enroll in three courses each semester. During the first semester of study, students enroll in ENGL 5103, ENGL 7392, and one MA distribution requirement.

Year 3, Fall: Enroll in two courses to complete PhD coursework requirements.

Year 3, Spring: Enroll in ENGL 8960: Examination Preparation – Doctoral.

Thereafter: See “PhD students who have advanced to doctoral candidacy” below.

MA-to-PhD students (students entering the PhD program with a MA in English or equivalent)

Year 1: Enroll in three courses each semester. During the first semester of study, students enroll in ENGL 5103, ENGL 7392, and one elective.

Year 2, Fall: Enroll in one elective and ENGL 8960: Examination Preparation – Doctoral.

Year 2, Spring: Enroll in ENGL 9986: Doctoral Research.

Thereafter: See “PhD students who have advanced to doctoral candidacy” below.

PhD students who have advanced to doctoral candidacy

One enrollment each Fall and Spring term until commencement.

PhD students who plan to defend during the Summer

Contact the Graduate Office for advising.

Which courses should I take?

MA students

Year 1, Fall: ENGL 5103 and two distribution requirements (Part-time: ENGL 5103 and 0-1 distribution requirement)

Year 1, Spring: Three distribution requirements (Part-time:1-2 distribution requirements)

Year 2, Fall: Three distribution requirements

Year 3, Spring: One distribution requirement and ENGL 6960: Exam Preparation – Master’s

BA-to-PhD students (students entering the PhD program with a BA or equivalent and holding the TA award):

Year 1, Fall: ENGL 5103, ENGL 7392, and one MA distribution requirement

Thereafter, students complete MA distribution requirements and PhD course work. A recommended timeline is included in the PhD Comprehensive Examination Guide at

MA-to-PhD students (students entering the PhD program with a MA in English or equivalent):

Year 1, Fall: ENGL 5103, ENGL 7392, and one elective.

Thereafter, students complete the PhD course work requirements. A recommended timeline is included in the PhD Comprehensive Examination Guide at

PhD students who have completed coursework requirements

Enroll in ENGL 9990: Dissertation, twice consecutively. Thereafter, enroll in ENGL 9996: Dissertation Continuation each Fall and Spring semester until commencement.

What are the requirements for the MA and PhD graduate programs?

Specific program requirements can be found in the graduate booklet.


Where can I find more information about the Northeastern University Student Health Plan (NUSHP)?

Since September 1989, Massachusetts has required every full-time and part-time student enrolled in a certificate, diploma or degree granting program in a Massachusetts institution of higher learning to participate in a Student Health Program or in a health benefit plan with comparable coverage. In keeping with this law, Northeastern automatically enrolls students in its student health plan, NUSHP. NUSHP billing is issued along with tuition billing.

Eligible students can waive the health plan if they have other coverage. Student Financial Services will send an notification to NU student e-mail accounts with details and deadlines. New and returning students should be sure to activate and access their myNEU and student email accounts before August so they can receive the information in a timely manner. Please contact Student Financial Services if you have questions.

Teaching assistants should refer to the Terms of Award pamphlet for details about the TA health insurance discount. Please note that NUSHP and the UHCS fee are not one in the same. The UHCS fee is not covered by the TAship and must be paid by the student, along with other student fees.

Information about NUSHP and about waiving the coverage can be found at the NUSHP webpage.

Health plan cards should be sent by the end of September.

Where should I bring my health report form?

Please download the form from the University Health and Counseling Services’ website. The form must be returned no later than 30 days prior to the start of classes.

If you do not submit the form, Health Services will block you from registering for your second semester at Northeastern. If you have any questions concerning the form, please contact University Health and Counseling Services at:

University Health and Counseling Services
135 Forsyth Building
Phone: (617) 373-2772
Fax: (617) 373-2601

Be sure to verify that documentation has arrived if it was sent by someone else. It is your responsibility to make sure the documents are received and are on file with Health Services.

Teaching Assistantships

I received a bill for tuition & health insurance, but I’m a teaching assistant. What should I do?

Tuition waivers for both TAs and GSSes take about 8 weeks to clear, after the start of the semester. Health insurance discounts (for TAs only) take about 2-3 weeks to clear. As appropriate, you may let these balances remain unpaid until the waivers kick in. However, students should pay all other University fees (including the University Health and Counseling Services fee, which is separate from Health Insurance costs) on time to avoid any late fees assessed to the account. Please contact the Graduate Office if your tuition waiver does not clear after 8 weeks.

When is the international teaching assistant orientation? Do I have to attend? – updated 4/29/2013

Information about the international TA orientation is sent out via e-mail later in the summer before matriculation, via your NEU student account. New international TAs  must attend in order to register.

When will I receive more information about the teaching assistantship and orientation? – updated 4/29/2013

The Graduate School will send a PDF brochure with your award offer letter/e-mail. It contains frequently asked questions about billing, stipends, paperwork, and more. It is also available online. You’ll also be receiving information about the mandatory University-Wide TA Orientation, via your NEU email account. Please attend.

How can I set up direct deposit for my TA stipend checks?

All student employees are required to sign up for Direct Deposit. Follow the instructions Information about Direct Deposit can be found on the Student Employment website to complete the Direct Deposit Authorization.

I’m an award recipient. How can I request a cash release on my loan before the tuition waiver is posted to my account?

If students need a cash release, they may request a cash release via MyNeu. Here’s the Financial Aid Office’s policy about cash releases:

Students may also go to the Student Accounts with a copy of the award letter. Students should tell the front desk person to look both in the Financial Aid and in the Student Account systems for the award information.