Directed Study, Master’s Thesis, & Consortium Courses

Directed Study

Applying for a directed study course involves a few steps. Any questions can be directed to the Graduate Office.

  1. Develop a course with the faculty member with whom the student wishes to work.
  2. Submit a letter of petition and a detailed proposal (using the form linked below) to the Graduate Studies Committee. The student must be sure to include information about how the course will be graded (i.e. letter grade or Pass/Fail) and how grade will be determined (e.g. Weekly responses 50%, Final paper 50%). Completed proposal forms should be delivered to the Graduate Office (413 Lake Hall) prior to the start of the semester.
  3. Upon receiving approval from the GSC and the Graduate School, the student will be automatically enrolled in the course. Note: Approval is not guaranteed or automatic. Whenever possible, the GSC prefers students take advantage of the department offerings. Updated 6/2014

Consortium Courses

NU graduate students must apply for admission into Graduate Consortium for Women’s Studies (GCWS) courses. Students who submit GCWS applications must first secure the support of their faculty advisors.

  1. Notify the Graduate Office immediately upon receiving an acceptance email from GCWS.
  2. Fill out the registration form from GCWS. On that form, list the course as ENGL 7976: Directed Study and the supervisor as the current Graduate Coordinator.
  3. Get the Registrar’s and faculty advisor’s signatures.
  4. Bring the form to 413 Lake Hall. The Graduate Office secretary will seek out the Dean’s signature and return the completed form to the student. At that time, the student will be enrolled in ENGL 7976.

Master’s Thesis

Students wishing to write a master’s thesis must secure the approval of an advisor and the Graduate Studies Committee. Please submit the completed form to the Graduate Office (413 Lake Hall) at least two weeks before the end of the regular registration period.