What is “Satisfactory Academic Progress?”

The Graduate Studies Committee, in conjunction with the Graduate School, oversees students’ progress toward the degree. At a minimum, satisfactory progress includes meeting deadlines for completing coursework, taking examinations, and completing the dissertation set by the English department and the graduate school. These deadlines are described in the section of the English graduate booklet that describes the Doctor of Philosophy Degree as well as in the General Regulations booklet. The student is responsible for being aware of these deadlines and should consult immediately with the advisor or the Graduate Chair in the event of difficulty in making progress at any stage. Satisfactory progress also includes the expectation that students will demonstrate continuing and appropriate activity (e.g., by submitting dissertation chapters in draft regularly to the dissertation committee).

Failure to maintain satisfactory progress can lead to the withdrawal of the teaching assistantship or other financial support administered by the GS or the English department or to withdrawal from the program.

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