2012-2013 Graduates

Aleksandra Galus (MA) is an Adjunct English and Composition Instructor at Elmhurst College. Updated 10/2013

Danielle Skeehan (PhD) was awarded a Program in Early American Economy and Society (PEAES) postdoctoral fellowship. She will also continue as a Visiting Research Associate at the McNeil Center in 2013-2014. Updated 6/2013

Jennifer Sopchockchai Bankard (PhD) has accepted a Lecturer position in the Writing Program at the University of Southern California. Updated 6/2013

2011-2012 Graduates

Verdi Culbreath (MA) has been accepted into the doctoral program at Cornell University. Updated 6/2013

Jessica Pauszek (MA) is pursuing a doctoral degree in Composition and Cultural Rhetoric at Syracuse University. Updated 4/2012

Brandon Tankersley (MA ) has been accepted into the doctoral program at SUNY Albany. Updated 6/2013

Rebecca Thorndike-Breeze (PhD) is currently a Lecturer at the Writing and Communication Center at MIT and is working on a book on intimacy in realist, modernist, and graphic novels. 05/2014


2010-2011 Graduates

Jeremy Gillette-Newman (MA) has been accepted into the doctoral program at Arizona State University. Updated 6/2013

Kat Lang (MA) has been working as a project manager for AcademicWorks, a start-up tech company headquartered in Austin, Texas specializing in scholarship and grant management software for higher education institutions. In summer 2014, she’ll transition to a new role as Client Services Training Manager, in which she will be responsible for creating online training courses and assessments, developing written instructional materials, and holding weekly online “webinars” for higher education administrators across the country. 04/2014

Rachel Lewis (MA) is pursuing a doctoral degree in English at NEU. Updated 4/2012

Tanya Zhelezcheva (PhD) accepted a tenure-track position at Queensborough Community College, starting Fall 2012. Updated 3/2013

2009-2010 Graduates

Laurel Kornhiser (PhD) has accepted a tenure-track teaching position at Quincy College. Updated 8/2010

Kurt Moellering (PhD) has taken a job with The Carroll School in Lincoln, MA. He is developing curriculum for the literature and writing program for the school’s new ninth grade. 7/2010

2008-2009 Graduates

Rachel Jylkka (MA) has been in Alaska teaching both preschool and developmental English at a community college. She is returning to Massachusetts where she hopes to get secondary English certification and teach in a Boston-area school. Updated 4/2010

Benjamin Leubner‘s (PhD) has been a visiting assistant professor at Montana State University, since leaving Northeastern in the spring of 2009. He teaches in a variety of fields, including American literature, literary theory and criticism, mythology, and creative writing. Ben has recently had articles and creative nonfiction essays published in 20th Century Literature, Religion and the Arts, Letterature d’America, and The Southwest Review. Updated 11/2011

2007-2008 Graduates

Cory Grewell (PhD) is an Assistant Professor of Literature at Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, VA. Cory edited the October 15, 2013 issue of Journal of Inklings Studies, featuring an article he penned on Owen Barfield, entitled, “’It’s All One’: Medievalist Synthesis and Christian Apology in Owen Barfield’s Studies of Meaning.”  Updated 10/2013

Jennifer Haney (MA) received her JD from Harvard Law School in Spring 2013. Updated 6/2013

Dan Monaco (MA) is editor of “The Straddler.”  Updated 10/2012

Jessica (Krenek) Witty (MA) has been accepted into the doctoral program in Theater at the University of Maryland. Updated 4/2009

2005-2006 Graduates

Katie Bercury (MAW) is Project Director for a Teaching American History grant, which provides professional development to teachers. Updated 4/2010

Amy Kaufman (PhD) is an assistant professor in the Department of English at Middle Tennessee State University. Amy’s essay, “Guenevere Burning,” appears in the Spring 2010 issue of Arthuriana. You can read a review on In the Middle, a Medievalism blog. Updated 2010

Summer McLin (MAW) was accepted into the doctoral program at the University of Maryland, College Park, starting Fall 2007. Updated 10/2007

Alexander Moffett (PhD) accepted an assistant professor position in the Department of English at Providence College, and will be specializing in Modern British and Irish fiction. Updated 4/2010

Michelle Teti-Beaudin (MA) accepted the position of Assistant Professor of English at Delaware County Community College in Media, PA, starting August 2013.  Updated 12/2013

2004-2005 Graduates

Jennifer Jefferson (MA) was promoted from Writing Center Coordinator to Writing Center Director at Endicott College, Fall 2007. Updated 10/2007

Donna Decker Reck (PhD) is an Associate Professor of English, the Director of the Women in Leadership Certificate Program, and the Honors Director for the College at Franklin Pierce College in New Hampshire. She is currently writing a novel about the 1989 Montreal Massacre. Updated 5/2012

2003-2004 Graduates

Ken Garriques (MA) was accepted, with support, into the PhD program at Drew University in 2004. Updated 4/2004

Karen Gulbrandsen (MTPW) is enrolled in Iowa State University’s PhD program in Rhetoric and Professional Communication. Updated 10/2007

Lisa Perdigao (PhD) is an Associate Professor at the Florida Institute of Technology and has a number of publication projects in the works or forthcoming. Her essay “Re-membering Beloved” will appear in a collection of essays forthcoming from the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), an essay on teaching William Faulkner’s novel As I Lay Dying will be included in the MLA Approaches to Teaching series volume on Faulkner; and she has articles forthcoming in a collection on “Politics in Children’s and Adolescent Literature” and in a collection titled ‘Catch if you can your country’s moment’: Recovery and Regeneration in the Poetry of Adrienne Rich.” Lisa has also won a teaching award for the second consecutive year. Updated 11/2009

Leane Perius (MA) taught full-time at the University of Minnesota-Duluth from 2004-08 and has been teaching at Central Lakes College in Minnesota since 2009. Updated 10/2012

2002-2003 Graduates

Mary Annas (PhD) teaches at Northeastern University and taught a Spring 2008 seminar at Boston University Medical School in Medicine and Literature. Mary has been licensed as an EMT-Basic in Massachusetts since August 2006. Updated 11/2007

Mark Bates (PhD) is an assistant professor at Quinsigamond Community College in Worchester, Massachusetts. Updated 10/2007

Pavel Cenkl (PhD) has recently been appointed Academic Dean at Sterling College in Craftsbury, Vermont, where he has been a faculty member in Humanities and Northern Studies since 2006. His first book, This Vast Book of Nature: Writing the Landscape of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, 1785-1911, was published by the University of Iowa Press in 2006. He is currently editing a collection of essays titled Nature and Culture in the Northern Forest, which is under contract with Iowa and should be published in 2008. Updated 4/2007

James Patrick Gorham (MA) will receive his PhD in Literature from the University of Rhode Island in December 2013. James successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, “Lightning-Rod Men, Magnetic Lives, Bodies Electric: Electromagnetic Corporeality in Emerson, Melville & Whitman,” on November 20, 2013. Updated 12/2013

Brett Ingram (MA) has accepted a position as Visiting Professor in the Communication Department at Boston College. He received his PhD in Communication, with a concentration in Public Culture, Performance Studies, and Rhetoric, from University of Massachusetts – Amherst in 2012. Updated 6/2013

2001-2002 Graduates

Kara Scerra Yee (MA) received the Adjunct Faculty Teaching Excellence Award from Eastern Nazarene College on November 7, 2003. Updated 4/2004

1999-2000 Graduates

In Spring 2009, Kara Andersen (MA, PhD University of Pittsburgh ’09) accepted an assistant professor position in the Film Department at Brooklyn College CUNY. Updated 8/2009

Douglas Reichert Powell (PhD) has a tenure-track position at Columbia College, Chicago. This year he is celebrating the release of the Encyclopedia of Appalachia, for which he was an editor of the “Media” section, as well as the acceptance of his book manuscript, Critical Regionalism by University of North Carolina Press. Updated 5/2006

Samantha (Warnakulasooriya) Kulatilake (BA ’97, MA ’00) completed her doctorate in education, specializing in language development, at Boston University in January 2009. She is currently an Associate Professor of English at a transfer university in Sri Lanka. Updated 3/2010

1998-1999 Graduates

Aaron Kuntz (MA) received his Doctorate in Education from UMass Amherst and is now in a tenure track position at the University of Alabama as Assistant Professor of Qualitative Research Methodology. Updated 11/2007

Erin V. Obermueller (MA, PhD Saint Louis University ’04) is Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Fellows (honors) Program at Concordia College-New York. She teaches courses in Irish literature, European Novel, and Victorian Literature. Erin has published an article in Early Theater and also in a guide to the British Short Story. The first chapter of her book project appears in Women’s Writing (Spring 2004). Other publications include articles on Meridel LeSueur in Legacy (2005) and an article on post-colonialism in the work of Irish poet Eavan Boland. Updated 10/2009

Karen Paley (PhD) is teaching in the Writing & Rhetoric Department at URI. The chapter “Cura Personalis in Practice: Rhetoric’s Modern Legacy” is forthcoming from Fordham UP in the collection Traditions of Eloquence & Sites of Innovation (2013).  Karen’s blogs appear frequently in the daily ezine The East Greenwich Patch. Karen has two recent creative nonfiction publications: “The Third Circulation: A Torrent of Voices,” in Yale Journal of Humanities in Medicine, and “The Great Roasted Butternut Squash Adventure,”in The Binnacle, Spring 2012.   Updated 9/2012

Daisy Pignetti (MA ; PhD University of South Florida ’09) has accepted a position as Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, beginning August 2008. Updated 3/2008

Mark Walsh (MA) is a member of the English Department at Massasoit Community College. His teaching focuses on Irish-American literature, science fiction, philosophy and online course development. He has developed two online courses and is active in mentoring faculty interested in teaching online. In June 2007, Walsh was awarded a Course of Distinction (COD) Award from Mass Colleges Online for his English Composition II course. Updated 12/2007

1997-1998 Graduates

Erin (Corthell) Brenner (MA) is expanding her editorial business, Right Touch Editing, into self-publishing. Updated 04/2014

Jennifer C. Cook (MA, PhD Brandeis University ’04) has been appointed to a tenure-track position at Bentley College in Waltham. Her book, Machine And Metaphor: The Ethics of Language in American Realism, was published by Routledge in 2006. She also has an essay appearing in The Best Women’s Travel Writing 2007. Updated 4/2007

Jennifer Rabold (MA) has been accepted into Boston University’s School of Education as a doctoral candidate in Curriculum and Teaching. Updated 4/2007

1996-1997 Graduates

Helena Gurfinkel’s (MA) new book, Outlaw Fathers in Victorian and Modern British Literature: Queering Patriarchy, was published by Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2014. Helena earned her PhD from Tufts University and is now Associate Professor of English at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. 03/2014

Lolly Ockerstrom (PhD) is an Associate Professor of English at Park University in Missouri. She has been named as the new Managing Editor of the Center for Teaching and Learning’s CETL Insight: A Journal of Faculty Scholarship. Updated 11/2010

Tony Trigilio (PhD) had three books published recently: White Noise (poetry), Apostrophe Books, 2013; The Complete “Dark Shadows” (of My Childhood), Book 1 (poetry), BlazeVOX Books, 2014; Elise Cowen: Poems and Fragments (collection of Cowen’s poems that Dr. Trigilio edited), Ahsahta Press, 2014. Read Tony’s interview with Tyler Mills of Jacket2 at Also published are Tony’s poetry chapbook, With the Memory, Which is Enormous (Main Street Rag’s Editor’s Choice Chapbook Series), two books of criticism: Allen Ginsberg’s Buddhist Poetics (Southern Illinois UP) and Strange Prophecies Anew (Fairleigh Dickinson UP), and the poetry collection The Lama’s English Lessons (Three Candles). Tony co-edited Visions and Divisions: American Immigration Literature, 1870-1930 (Rutgers UP, 2008). He is Associate Professor at Columbia College, Chicago, where he directs the Creative Writing: Poetry program and coedits the journal Court GreenUpdated 01/2010; 05/2014

1995-1996 Graduates

Karen Cajka (MA, PhD University of Connecticut ’03) has been an Assistant Professor of English and Women’s Studies at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN, since 2004. Updated 5/2006

1994-1995 Graduates

Pegeen Reichert Powell (MA) has a B.A. in English and Spanish from the University of St. Thomas, an M.A. in English from Northeastern University, and a Ph.D. in English from Miami University (Oxford, OH). Her research interests include composition studies and pedagogy, critical discourse analysis, and more recently, feminist motherhood studies. She has published articles in College Composition and Communication and in edited collections, has presented at numerous conferences, and was named the “Maverick Mom of the Year” by Working Mother magazine for her activism surrounding parenting issues at Duke University. Updated 4/2006

1993-1994 Graduates

Alexandra Polychronidou (MA) has been working for the Greek state, as a teacher of English, for 12 years now. She is an examiner for the Foreign Languages State Certificate in Greece, and has recently co-authored two books with practice tests for the Michigan Proficiency Exams. Updated 11/2007

1992-1993 Graduates

Philip Cavalier (MA ’93, PhD State University of New York, Buffalo) is starting his 5th year as Provost and Dean of Eureka College. He was selected to participate in Council for Independent Colleges’ Executive Leadership Program. Read more hereUpdated 6/2013

Philip taught and was tenured at Catawba College in North Carolina (2000-09). Prior to that, he taught for two years at Auburn University. In 2005-2006, he was a Fulbright Scholar at Kiev International University. He taught at two universities and lectured at 13 other universities in Ukraine, as well as in Estonia and Egypt. Updated 4/2010

Elizabeth Swanson Goldberg (MA) earned her doctorate from Miami University of Ohio and has taught at a variety of campuses including Northeastern, Stonehill College, and Fisher College. She is currently an associate professor of English at Babson College in Wellesley, MA, where she was voted Professor of the Year, 2007. Her book, Beyond Terror: Gender, Narrative, Human Rights was released this year from Rutgers University Press. Updated 11/2007

1991-1992 Graduates

Carol Acree (Cavalier) (MA) went on to finish her PhD at Cornell University and also took a Master’s of Theological Studies at Harvard Divinity School.  Her dissertation at Cornell, in 18th Century Literature, won the Grad School of Arts & Sciences award for best dissertation. Carol has taught at Auburn University and Davidson College. Updated 11/2011

Tynes Cowan (MA, PhD The College of William & Mary) has been granted tenure at Birmingham-Southern College. Updated 4/2010

Patricia Fox (MAW) is director of the Coastal Georgia Writing Project. She also directs the National Writing Project Teacher Exchange program. Updated 10/2007

Jeff Westover (MA f92, PhD Boston College) has received tenure and promotion at Boise State University. His essay, gWallace Stevens’ Savage Commonplace,h appears in the Fall 2009 issue of The Wallace Stevens Journal, and his first book, The Colonial Moment: Discoveries and Settlements in Modern American Poetry, was published by Northern Illinois University Press in 2004. Updated 4/2010

1989-1990 Graduates

Anne (Pizziferri) Benoit (MA) recently completed her PhD in Educational Studies with an Adult Learning and Development Concentration from Lesley University. Her dissertation title is “Learning from the Inside Out:  A Narrative Study of College Teacher Development” (2013). She is currently employed by Curry College. Updated 7/2013

Stuart Selber (MTPW), who earned a PhD from Michigan Tech in 1994, is an Associate Professor at Penn State, where he directs the composition program and holds faculty positions in English; Science, Technology, and Society; Information Sciences and Technology; and Distance Education. His research focuses on the social and pedagogical dimensions of human-computer interaction. Selber’s 2004 book, Multiliteracies for a Digital Age (Southern Illinois University Press), won the Distinguished Book Award from Computers and Composition and was also named Best Book in Technical or Scientific Communication by the National Council of Teachers of English. His 2004 co-edited collection, Central Works in Technical Communication (Oxford University Press), was named Best Collection of Essays in Technical or Scientific Communication by the National Council of Teachers of English. Updated 6/2007

Dan Springer (MA), currently serving as Fine & Performing Arts Chair at Dennis-Yarmouth Regional High School on Cape Cod, had a successful solo exhibition of his latest work this past summer at the Brewster Ladies Library. Springer, the 2010 Arts Foundation of Cape Cod’s “Arts Educator of the Year,” spoke last spring at the annual National Art Education Association conference in NYC about the importance of maintaining your own voice as an artist to be a truly successful classroom instructor. Check out his blog for details and his random musings on whatever subject catches his attention at: www.springed.wordpress.comUpdated 6/2013

1988-1989 Graduates

Kevin Cassell (MA) taught at the University of New Mexico from 2002-2006. He then moved to Costa Rica, got TEFL certified and taught English at Inlingua International Language Center. Currently, Kevin is a Graduate Teaching Instructor at Michigan Technological University where he’s working on his doctorate in Rhetoric and Technical Communication. Updated 11/2008

Beth (Schoenholtz) Udoma (MA) recently became the Senior Communications Editor for the Institute for Clinical Research and Health Policy Studies, at Tufts Medical Center, Boston. Updated 4/2008

Stephen Sutherland (MA) received his PhD in Composition at the University of Pittsburgh and has been teaching in the Expository Writing Program at Harvard University. He has just been appointed to a tenure-track position at UMass-Boston. Updated 4/2007

1984-1985 Graduates

Thomas Reilly (MA) worked in Corporate Information Services for State Street Bank for sixteen years. He was responsible for writing and/or editing many of the critical documents that company put out regarding the protection of data and personnel. In 2003, Tom took an opportunity to work closer to home in Millbury, MA and got his state teaching license. Tom writes, “I would love to hear from any of my former colleagues and classmates.” He can be contacted at: Updated 11/2007

1982-1983 Graduates

Ginny Gostanian Ryan (MA) has developed and instructed a wide variety of English courses for 22 years, most recently at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, NY as an Assistant Professor. Updated 11/2007

John Waggoner (MA) is a columnist at USA Today, in the Money section. He also appears monthly on PBS, for the Nightly Business Report and has written two books on personal finance. He writes poetry and is working on novel. Updated 4/2008

1979-1980 Graduates

Lorraine Serravillo Connelly (MA) lives in Wallingford, CT, where she is Manager of Marketing Communications and Media Relations and Editor of the Choate Rosemary Hall Bulletin. Since 1989 she has been a member of the communications team at Choate Rosemary Hall. A panelist for CASE District 1 Conferences in 2004 and 2005, she is serving a second three-year term on the CAIS Commission on School Advancement. Updated 11/2010

John P. Travis (MA) is an adjunct professor at Our Lady of Holy Cross College, New Orleans, LA. He recently published his novel, Pitching in the Dark, available at James has served on the board of NAMI-New Orleans and is a member of the Sports Literature Association. Updated 1/2009

1975-1976 Graduates

David S. Ferriero (BA ’72, MA) has been nominated by President Barack Obama to the position of Archivist of the United States. Read more online. Updated 8/2009

1974-1975 Graduates

Ted Buswick (MA) has several new publications: a book he coauthored, What Poetry Brings to Business, with Clare Morgan and Kirsten Lange (University of Michigan, 2010); a special issue of the Journal of Business Strategy he coedited with Harvey Seifter, “Creatively Intelligent Companies and Leaders: Arts-based Learning for Business,” which includes an article he coauthored with Anu M. Mitra and Yen Hsieh, “Learning How to Look: Developing Leadership through Intentional Observation”; and a book review of Record Makers and Breakers: Voices of the Independent Rock ‘N’ Roll Pioneers by John Broven in The Oral History Review (Vol. 37, Issue 2).

Ted directs the BCG History program at The Boston Consulting Group and is Executive-in-Residence for Leadership and the Arts in the Graduate School of Management at Clark University.

Ted’s friends or alumni interested in the book or in the relationship between the arts and business can contact Ted at: Updated 06/2010

Dennis Daly (MA) has published his second book, a translation of Sophocles’ Ajax. A third book, Night Walking with Nathaniel, has been accepted for publication by Dos Madres Press. Dennis’ first publication was The Custom House, a book of poetry. Updated 08/2013

1972-1973 Graduates

Donna Halper (BA ’69, MA ’73, PhD University of Massachusetts-Amherst) received her PhD in Communication in May 2011 and was promoted from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor of Communication at Lesley University.  Donna wrote two chapters for a newly published book, commemorating 100 years of Fenway Park, Opening Fenway Park With Style: The 1912 Champion Red Sox.  Her fourth book, Icons of Talk: The Media Mouths That Made America, was published by Greenwood Press in 2009. Donna was featured in the Boston Globe article, “She blazed a trail locally, and now her career comes full circle,” October 2008. Updated 5/2012

1968-1969 Graduates

We regret to report that Suzanne Richardson Harvey (MA) passed away on July 17, 2010. Suzanne was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1934 and married there in 1956. She was a member of the Academy of American Poets as well as a member of the National Council of Teachers of English. She passed away on Saturday, July 17, 2010, in Walnut Creek, California.

She received her B.A. from Mount Mercy College, now Carlow University; an M.A. from Northeastern University, with a thesis on George Meredith; and a Ph.D. from Tufts University, where she specialized in Elizabethan poetry and wrote a dissertation on Edmund Spenser.

After teaching at Pine Manor College and Tufts University in the Boston Area in Massachusetts, she and her family relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area, where for almost two decades she lectured in the English Department at Stanford University. Nearly a decade of her time at Stanford was spent as a resident fellow (together with her husband) in an all-freshmen residence hall. They co-authored a book about this experience entitled Virtual Reality and the College Freshman: All Our Friends Are 18 (Alamo Trails Press, 1999).

While at Stanford, she also was a visiting lecturer in the English Department at the University of California at Berkeley. For nearly a decade, she regularly taught editorial workshops offered as part of the curriculum for the Publishing Program at the University of California Extension. Her teaching produced the volume A Functional Style: Logic and the Art of Writing, which she used as a teaching device not only in her university courses, but also outside the classroom at workshops for the University of California Regents, for Bank of America executives, and at Asilomar for the American Medical Writers Association. Upon retirement from Stanford in 1997, she remained active, lecturing for Emeritus College and for Diablo Valley College near her home in Alamo, California.

Her collected poetry has appeared under the title A Tiara for the Twentieth Century (Fithian Press, 2009), with individual poems published in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Austria. She is survived by her husband, Robert J. Harvey, cofounder and former chairman, CEO, and president of Thoratec Corporation, now in Pleasanton, California; and her three sons, Dennis, Brian, and James (Duke); in addition to five grandsons, Kevin, Sean, Gregory, Patrick, and Matthew.