Adam Kneeland

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Northeastern has been a part of my life from the beginning. My father, William Kneeland Jr., DMSB’67, worked at the university for nearly 30 years, the last five as its treasurer. To me, he is Northeastern. He is a great role model, and I always wanted to be like him. I even thought that I’d take over his job when he retired. When the time came for me to go to college, there was no question where I’d go.

Co-op was an important part of my Northeastern experience. My co-op adviser, Bill Sloane, was instrumental in identifying opportunities that matched my interests, and in helping me land those jobs. In both my middler and my senior years I worked at Canby Maloney & Company, a 30-person accounting firm in Framingham, Mass. Those co-ops equipped me with the tools for success. I not only gained training in tax accounting, but also learned how to work hard in a professional environment. Post-graduation, I landed a position at Canby, now BDO Seidman, and stayed on for three years.

In 2010, I was elated to be hired by Northeastern’s accounting office as an operational accountant. My dream of working at the university—like my dad—had come full circle.

Beyond my job, I remain engaged with Northeastern through athletics. When I was younger, my dad brought me to ice hockey and basketball games. (My favorite player was and forever will be Reggie Lewis.) I attended winter Sunday morning baseball clinics in Cabot with Coach Neil McPhee, and at summer basketball camps we trained on the corner where the Marino Center now sits. I continue to root for the Huskies, particularly at Beanpot.

Northeastern is a deep and important part of who I am. Because it’s given me so much, investing in the university with gifts to the athletic department has been an easy decision—and the right choice. I truly love Northeastern and want it to grow even stronger and better in the years to come.

Adam with his father, William Kneeland Jr., DMSB’67.




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Who Empowered You?



Behind every Northeastern graduate is a story of empowerment—often, a story about a formative personal or mentoring relationship. Please add your testimonial to the growing collection and share a favorite memory or anecdote about your empower source.

LoPorto & Reppucci

Gerard LoPorto


“My first co-op advisor, Corinne Reppucci—she was Miss Cianci then—was instrumental in getting me a co-op I loved. That was the start of a wonderful career, one that gave me the ‘global mindset’ so essential for our students today.”


Nohemi Moctezuma


“I’m the first college graduate in my family, thanks to the Northeastern supporters who funded my Torch Scholarship.”

balfour group

Carla Oblas


For Carla Oblas, director of Northeastern’s Balfour Academy, helping young people in underserved schools has empowered students in their quest for a college education—and it has empowered her along the way.

ron caplan

Ron Caplan


“I worked in Northeastern’s dining services as a part-time dishwasher and server, and was eventually invited to be a co-op assistant manager. It was the start of an incredible opportunity that far exceeded the typical college experience.”


David Puvirajasingam

BSBA’05, MBA’08

“Due in large part to Dr. Heron’s guidance and belief in me, I finished my bachelor’s degree in finance and business administration while working full-time and later earned my executive MBA from Northeastern.”


Mary Florentine

S'73, MA'75, PhD'78

“I owe my career satisfaction to co-op and my adviser, Professor Nancy Caruso. As a Northeastern professor, I have hired many wonderful co-op students in the course of almost 25 years.”


Greg Skloot


“Growing up, I launched businesses from my parents’ basement. By the time I was a high school senior, I was running a thriving IT support company and building websites for dozens of customers.”




“If you haven’t heard of The Husky Ambassadors, you have definitely seen us—the tour guides who strut through campus with prospective students, parents shuffling behind.”


Maureen Burke


“My degree provided a new level of professionalism, required for advancement in nursing. Northeastern’s innovative Nursing Interim Program influenced my work as a caregiver, manager, and risk taker—and throughout my career, I encouraged creative thinking and educational opportunities for my staff.”

Bolotsky photo-resize

Cory Bolotsky


“Professor Adomdza has empowered me to take full advantage of global experiential learning and has helped shape me into the person I am today: a budding entrepreneur prepared through coursework, research, and co-op for whatever opportunities come my way.”

Dr. Andrew SchaferPlay

Dr. Andrew Schafer


“When I arrived at Northeastern I had very vague ideas about what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to go into medicine but I had no idea where to go or who to go to about getting that kind of mentoring.”

McCormick, Cheryl-web

Cheryl McCormick


“At age 37, I was a stay-at-home mother of three young children and in the midst of a divorce. I knew I needed an education or I wouldn’t be able to secure a job doing much of anything.”


Montrice Scott


“Balancing work and school, and being on co-op, has taught me how to live life as an adult. Northeastern’s career-oriented atmosphere changed me. It’s made me more mature.”

Ken Solano

Kenneth Solano


“My father-in-law said if I was ever going to marry his daughter, I’d better go to college. Things worked out! Because of the people I met at Northeastern, I had a great career, and I and my late wife, Nancy—also an alum—were married for 37 years.”




“I had been a senior vice president of human resources with a successful corporate career. The day my job was eliminated, in 2007, I looked at my husband and said, ‘I’m going to start my own business and go back to school!’”




“I can still picture her: a petite college grad, not much older than I was—my co-op advisor’s assistant. When I told her I wanted a co-op with a Big Eight accounting firm, she just laughed. ‘With your grades?’”




“I was a Torch Scholar in this incredible program’s second year. My mentor at Northeastern—James Stellar, then dean of the former College of Arts and Sciences—introduced me to research and took me under his wing.”




“As a junior at the business school, I managed to slip into an oversubscribed class on real estate finance taught by Steve Kursh. There weren’t enough chairs, so only the seniors were invited to enroll that semester. Somehow, I stayed.”


Terrell Hunt


“It isn’t often that you encounter a manager who is both brilliant and extraordinarily caring, but that’s exactly what I got in Brenna McCarthy. I did a co-op at John Hancock Funds, where I assisted Brenna in marketing operations.”


Jim Ballway


“I was discharged from the Army in ’73, when the economy was faltering badly. I had no career direction. Joe Golemme convinced me to enroll at the Graduate School of Professional Accounting, which he both founded and directed.”

The Reppucci family

Nicole Reppucci


“I have wanted to attend Northeastern ever since I watched my dad graduate in Matthews Arena, when I was ten. It was my dream to follow in his footsteps.”

Denis PicardPlay

Dennis Picard

LI'59, UC'62, H'89

“After I received my engineering degree, I went on to University College and took a course in business law with Professor Victor Cohen. He was one of the toughest professors I ever had, but I must tell you, he would really put the law into you.”

Iris Sherman

Iris Sherman

CPS'87, DMSB'12

“As a ‘double Husky,’ I’ve had some great teacher-mentors whose knowledge and solid advice have propelled my career successes. Professor James Ramos is one, though we’ve only ever met online.”