Success Stories

Success in the Empower campaign will come from the support of thousands of people and organizations — alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff, students, foundations, corporations, and other generous contributors. Your involvement will enable students and faculty to master and create knowledge that improves lives.  The stories here chronicle philanthropy’s impact on the university, its former and students, and, ultimately, the world.

Behind every Northeastern graduate is a story of empowerment — often, a story about a formative personal or mentoring relationship. Did someone special play a pivotal role in your academic or career success? A faculty member or adviser? Co-op supervisor? Athletics coach? Classmate?

Please add your testimonial to the growing collection.

Share a favorite memory or anecdote (100-200 words), as well as a digital photo(s).

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LoPorto & Reppucci

Gerard LoPorto


“My first co-op advisor, Corinne Reppucci—she was Miss Cianci then—was instrumental in getting me a co-op I loved. That was the start of a wonderful career, one that gave me the ‘global mindset’ so essential for our students today.”

Leading With a Different Tack

With a historic gift, Gary, DMSB’78, and Lea Anne Dunton are making the business school’s deanship a top priority.