Campus Campaign

Campaign Review

febinsider14As we mark the end of our year-long campus campaign, it’s time to celebrate the immense support you—the backbone of the university—have provided Northeastern. Whether you served as an advocate, volunteer, or supporter, your collaborative efforts have led to campus-wide success for Empower: The Campaign for Northeastern. Every gift—the gift of time, resources, expertise, or funds—has tremendous impact on our institution. Through the “power of we,” staff and faculty have backed campus initiatives and funds they feel passionately about. Whether it be faculty-led research, department programs, or student scholarship funds, all campus campaign participants have invested in the future of our university.

Your unwavering support of Northeastern today, and every day, is vital to ensure that future students, educators, and professionals alike understand what it means to be affiliated with such a remarkable university. Your efforts truly position us for future success. As we move forward with the monumental Empower campaign we remain thankful for your meaningful support and the change it may effect on the Northeastern community.

To show our appreciation for your tireless dedication, we have created a “Year in Review” to recap your successes, creativity and enthusiasm.

Thank you!







Carolyn Jasinski
Director, Leadership Relations


Campus Campaign Volunteers, Thank You


In addition to the Executive Committee, the Campus Campaign recruited 175 core-supporter volunteers to serve as ambassadors. You have challenged us all to engage colleagues in supporting the campaign and generate excitement around campus-wide initiatives and events. On behalf of the Executive Committee, University Advancement would like to thank the following volunteers for their meaningful support and tireless service during the year-long campaign.






  Thank You!


David Abdow

Nicolette Aduama

Susan Ambrose

Jane Amidon

Michael Armini

Nadine Aubry

Robert Austin

Katharine Baker-Carr

Ruth Balal

Sarah Balal

Charles Bame-Aldred

Leah Ben-Ami

Justin Bell

Lauren Bellis

Robert Berardi

Amanda Buckley

Adam Burke

Amy Charette

Paul Champion

Benjamin Chevrette

John Cipolla *

Bruce Clark

Ester Cohen

Amelia Cole

Xavier Costa

Hugh Courtney

Stephen Cramer

William Crittenden

Roy Dalsheim

Dick Daynard*

Kimberly Deprey

Alexis Ditkowsky

Maria Dolce

Robert Dooley

Charles Doughty

Amy Dumont

Erin Durkin

Arthur Ells

Audrey Evans

Diane Fitzpatrick

Douglas Flor

James Alan Fox *

Alexandra Fraenkel

David Fraizer

Terry Fulmer

Amanda Gargiulo

Tracey Geary

John Gibson

Nicole Girard

Byron Glaus

Andrew Gouldstone

Daniel Gregory

Lisa Gruccio

Pauline Hamel

Linda Harding

Bradley Hatfield

Doreen Hodgkin

Kimberly Irmiter

Jacqueline Isaacs

Joshua Jacobson

Leon Janikian

Christina Jaracz

Christopher Jelly

Theodore Johnson

Graham Jones

Steven Kadish

Mary Kane

Evelyn Keefe

Shari Khalil

Karin Kiewra

Carla Kindt

Christopher King

Kate Klepper

Adam Kneeland

John LaBrie

J.D. LaRock

Christina Lambert

Ronald Lavoie *

Lisa Lehane

Timothy Leshan

Christine Letzeiser

Ryan Lewis

Danielle Lynch

Daniel McCarthy*

Matthew McDonald

Jim Madigan*

Yvonne Malcolm

David Manning

Philly Mantella

Ralph Martin

Alexa Masi

Fredrick Massaro

Amie Matthews

Angela Miller

Joanne Miller

Nina Miller-Browne

Amy Molway

Lyndsay Monstur

Thomas Nedell

Gina O’Brien-McLelland

Karina Patterson

Lisa Pedulla

Lisa Pedulla

Mary Ann Phillips *

Uta Poiger

James Poulos

Ravi Ramamurti

Valeria Ramdin

Joseph Ranahan

Tawna Rathe

Christine Reagan

John R. Reynolds *

Rebecca Riccio

Seth Robertson

Peter Roby

Aaron Roth

Timothy Rupert

Beth Rushton

Kerry Salerno*

Lynne Sarikas

Susan Scannell

Nina Shah

Thomas Sheahan

Helaine Silverman

Arthur Smaldone

William Smith

Allen Soyster

Donald Stewart

Michelle Stockman

Charles Story

Anne Sullivan

Katherine Swan

Jared Swartz

Albert Sweeney

Aj Thakkar

Elana Thomas

Jonathan Tilly

Maureen Timmons

John Tobin

Jordana Torres

Emery Trahan

Jennifer Trapp

Allison Traylor

Geoffrey Trussell

Emily Turner

Jenny VanAmburgh

Sofia Vestweber

Daniel Walsh

Cynthia White

Sarah Wierman

Tricia Williamson

Anita Young



Campus Campaign Executive Committee*

If we missed your name in error, please accept our sincerest apologies. Contact Carolyn Jasinski at so we can extend proper appreciation – and a coffee on us!

Campus Campaign Wrap-up


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What is the Campus Campaign?faculty

The Campus Campaign is an organized fundraising effort that encourages each of us, current and retired faculty and staff members alike, to support a program or initiative within the campaign’s three strategic priorities—students, faculty, and innovation in education and research—that speaks to our own interests and passions. Collectively, our gifts will impact society—by influencing students’ lives, advancing the frontiers of research, or enriching campus life. Such gifts also raise the value of a Northeastern degree.

Why does Northeastern need faculty and staff support?

When we stand behind the university, we send a powerful message to others. Our support signals confidence in Northeastern and its future. Collectively, our participation inspires philanthropy from other individuals as well as corporations, foundations, and government agencies.

How much should I give? Will my gift be confidential?

Giving by faculty and staff is entirely optional and voluntary. Every gift matters, no matter the size. A robust rate of participation is the ultimate goal. Should donors wish their gifts to be confidential, they should contact Charlotte Troyanowski, Director of Donor Relations at Donors whose annual gifts total $1,000+ may be included in the university’s honor roll of donors unless they wish to be anonymous.

How does payroll deduction work?

Payroll deduction is an easy way to make a gift. When you enroll in payroll deduction, your gift is automatically deducted from your paycheck in the amount and time frame you specify. You can set up a payroll deduction here.

Alternatively, you can submit a paper form, downloadable here.

Can I make a gift online?

Gifts may be made with a credit card at a secure site online. Visit our giving form here.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Gifts to Northeastern are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of state and federal laws. To explore the tax implications of your donation, please consult a tax adviser and/or legal counsel.

My spouse works for a matching gift company. How might this help Northeastern?

If your spouse’s company participates in a matching gift program, you can double or even triple your contribution to Northeastern. If your spouse’s employer is a participant, simply enclose the company’s matching gift form, which is typically available on the company’s website, along with your check, made payable to Northeastern University.