Egan Center Conference and Event Planning - Northeastern University
Conference Room 440

  • Room Setup: Stand-up reception with minimal seating; food stations.
    Capacity: 80 people
  • Room Setup: Theater/lecture style; stackable chairs; speaker's area with table/podium/chairs; food stations available.
    Capacity: 40 people
  • Room Setup: Round tables of eight (5 maximum); buffet meal service; speaker's area.
    Capacity: 40 people
  • Room Setup: Boardroom: closed square table.
    Capacity: 24 people
  • Room Setup: Boardroom: chairs inside and outside a u-shaped table.
    Capacity: 40 people
  • Room Setup: Classroom: tables end-to-end; three chairs per table; speaker's area.
    Capacity: 21 people