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(Raytheon Amphitheater or 440 Egan)

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Raytheon Amphitheater
440 Egan


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Contact Rebecca's Cafe (ext. 2479) to arrange for any desired food services or linen.

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Budget number

Required in the event you fail to notify us of a cancellation at least 24 hours prior to the event. A $75 fee will be charged to your budget.

Room Setup

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Boardroom setup (closed square)
Round tables (eight chairs/round)
U-Shaped table (chairs on outside)
U-Shaped table (chairs on inside)
U-Shaped table (chairs inside and outside)
Classroom Style (chairs and tables)
Theater Style (chairs only)
Reception (chairs around perimeter)

Do you need a speaker area?

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If yes, Podium or panel setup for persons.

Special Instructions

  1. Submit online form at least 48 hours before room is needed. All forms will be processed within three business days, and confirmations will be sent. You will receive an email reply. A written confirmation is proof that your reservation is confirmed. If you do not receive a written confirmation you do not have the room.
  2. All student requests for Raytheon or 440 Egan must be submitted by a staff/faculty advisor.
  3. If you no longer need a room, please notify the Events Office ( immediately. Failure to cancel will result in a $75 charge for unnecessary room setups.
  4. All audio-visual requests, including microphones, need to be directed to Media Services (ext. 4357).

This request is not final until you receive a confirmation from the Office of Conference and Event Planning.

Equal Opportunity Policy
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