The Fifth Annual Boston Symposium on Economics

Boston Symposium on Economics


Monday, February 15th 2016
Blackman Auditorium
5:30 – 8:00 PM

Northeastern University Economics Society presents the Fourth Annual Boston Symposium on Economics: Economics in Public Policy.


Riley Sullivan- New England Public Policy Center

Riley Sullivan is a policy analyst at the New England Public Policy Center. He received his BA in History from Boston College, and a Masters degree in Public Policy from Georgetown University. His research interests include education policy, income inequality, and regional economics.

William Dickens- Northeastern University

Professor Dickens is the chair of the Department of Economics and University Distinguished Professor of Economics at Northeastern. He received a BA in social studies at Bard College, and his PhD in Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Professor Dickens is currently researching the relationship between long term unemployment and monetary policy.