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Economics at Northeastern focuses on the application of economics to real-world problems of policy and business.

Our undergraduate program features co-op work experience integrated with classroom studies and undergraduate research opportunities. Our Master’s program provides students with the analytical skills and experience necessary for a wide range of jobs and career advancement. Our PhD degree in applied economics readies students to lead research in government, consulting, and legal support as well as prepares them to teach economics.

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Economics News

State of Northeastern: ‘Never been stronger’

“There’s never been a more exciting time to be a Husky than right now,” said Noah Carville, a feat that is thanks to the entire North­eastern community.

Group fights against 2024 Boston Olympics

In this Huntington News article, Finnegan Distinguished Professor of Economics John Kwoka weighs in on whether Boston would be suitable for hosting the Olympics in 2024.

New Yorkers making $16.08 an hour point to need for middle-​​skilled

“We def­i­nitely need to be using better, more real-​​time labor-​​market infor­ma­tion about where the jobs are, and we need to do this at a very local level,” said Alicia Sasser Mod­es­tino, a former senior econ­o­mist at the Fed­eral Reserve Bank of Boston and now an asso­ciate pro­fessor at North­eastern University.

Growing number of discouraged unemployed

Alan Clayton-Matthews, an economist and professor at Northeastern University, talks about the uneven economic recovery in Massachusetts.

Student Government Association President Noah Carville speaks on textbooks and budgets

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Upcoming Seminars


Immigrants versus Natives? Displacement and Job Creation

Mathis Wagner, Boston College


Intergenerational Dynamics and the Fertility Transition

Tom Vogl, Princeton University

Department Spotlights


Student pens impressive policy essays for global competition

about the decrim­i­nal­iza­tion of soft drugs, pri­marily mar­i­juana, and how the United States gov­ern­ment has fos­tered a cul­ture of stigmatization.

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Mentoring Award to Economics Faculty

Northeastern ADVANCE Office of Faculty Development has announced that Catalina Herrera Almanza and Bilge Ertan have received a Mutual Mentoring Advancement Program (M2AP) award for their work on Gender and Development economics.

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M. Shahid Alam

Professor M. Shahid Alam

Discussions with a small group of students in Professor Alam’s course, Critique of Capitalism, led to the idea of launching a new student club.

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