Should Mass. raise taxes?


Four views on whether there have been enough reforms to justify Patrick’s proposed tax increase Globe Correspondents | The Boston Globe | February 17, 2013 Yes: Pair revenue, reform Since 1998, the Commonwealth has reduced personal and corporate income tax rates, costing the state $2.5 billion a year — leaving little to pay current bills or deal […]

How will the fiscal cliff compromise bill affect you?

us house fiscal cliff

By Shira Schoenberg | | January 3, 2013 With all the discussion about the compromise bill that President Barack Obama signed into law averting the so-called “fiscal cliff,” how will the bill impact you? Here are a few scenarios. The Unemployed In November, the state Division of Unemployment Assistance notified 45,000 Massachusetts residents who were receiving federal extension benefits that […]

A fiscal forecast for Massachusetts

massachusetts fiscal forecast

massachusetts fiscal forecast

By Barry Bluestone | OpEd Boston Globe | May 30, 2012

IF 40 PAGES of statistics, tables, graphs, and economic analysis could generate any buzz at all, the state’s release of its report on long-term fiscal policy would have garnered front-page headlines. Indeed, it should have, for this may be the first time ever a governor has asked for a five-year budget plan anticipating future revenues and expenditures. We can be proud of the fact that the leaders of the state have been excellent fiscal stewards through the most difficult economic period since the Great Depression, implementing difficult budget cuts and improving our bond ratings to their highest levels in history. But we are hardly out of the fiscal woods.

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