What Follows the Housing Recovery?

This report is the 11th in the series of annual “Greater Boston Housing Report Cards.” Like past report cards, this 2013 report probes Greater Boston’s housing landscape, keeping tabs on housing construction, home prices, and rents. It analyzes the relationship between the region’s economy, demography, and housing, and keeps track of federal, state and local government policies that affect the region’s housing market. This report also includes a new analysis of local zoning regulations in Greater Boston communities because of the critical role zoning can play, particularly in the development – or lack of development – of multifamily housing.

The 2013 Report Card attempts to answer six questions about Greater Boston’s housing market and its effect on the region’s well-being:

  1. What are the most recent trends in home sales, housing production, and foreclosures?
  2. What does the future trajectory of home prices and rents look like?
  3. Given current economic conditions, is another housing bubble on the horizon?
  4. Given the changing demographics and economic health of Greater Boston, have we begun to build appropriate new housing stock to meet expected demand and to help moderate future price and rent hikes?
  5. Do we still face zoning constraints at the local level that hinder the production of an appropriate housing stock for the region?
  6. What roles are the federal government and the Commonwealth playing in the housing market today?

For more information and to download the report, visit the Greater Boston Housing Report Cards archive.

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