The Greater Boston Housing Report Card 2016


Executive Summary: Nearly every year that the Dukakis Center has published its annual Housing Report Card, we have concluded that Greater Boston needs more — and more appropriate — housing to keep the market even marginally affordable for low-income residents, working families, and a growing segment of the middle class. The unifying theme of this, our 14th edition, is that in spite […]

State of the Built Environment: Greater Boston’s Infrastructure

Built Environment

This report is a comprehensive examination of the impacts of population and economic growth on Greater Boston’s transportation, energy use, and water, sewer and waste management systems, as well as environment, open space, and the consequences of forecasted climate change on the region’s seaports over the next 15 years. The purpose of this report, modeled after our annual Greater […]

The Critical Importance of Vocational Education in the Commonwealth


Report Summary: Our six surveys of career/vocational technical education stakeholders are in striking harmony with one another, with only minor clashes of perception. On the whole, all are impressed by the quality of the Commonwealth’s CVTE schools’ and programs’ curricula, rigor, and student achievement. As evidenced by current students’ post-high school plans and alumni activities, they are turning out young adults who […]

The Greater Boston Housing Report Card 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 9.12.38 AM

Executive Summary:  Fifteen years ago, the newly founded Center for Urban and Regional Policy at Northeastern University (now the Dukakis Center) published its first research on housing . Titled A New Paradigm for Housing in Greater Boston, it began with what would become prophetic words: . . . prosperity brings its own challenges . None […]

MEETING THE COMMONWEALTH’S WORKFORCE NEEDS: Occupational Projections and Vocational Education

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 2.06.11 PM

Introduction: In the 1960s, a well-known bumper sticker exclaimed “Don’t be a Fool. Stay in School.” Today, many argue that to succeed in the 21st Century workplace, one needs at least a four-year college education. To obtain many of the best paid jobs in the Commonwealth, there is truth in this statement. To compete with […]

Shaping the Cape’s Future


Introduction: Cape Cod, a peninsula off of the southeastern coast of Massachusetts, has a wealth of natural, historic, and cultural resources. These qualities make it a highly desirable place in which to live, work, vacation, and retire. Some consider the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket to be part of Cape Cod but for the […]

The 2014-2015 Greater Boston Housing Report Card


With the core cities of Greater Boston attracting young millennials, and aging suburban baby boomers seeking housing more appropriate to their status as empty-nesters, smaller housing units in both urban and suburban areas are becoming fashionable. Yet Boston and the region’s core cities have an undersupply of multi- unit housing while suburban communities increasingly have an oversupply […]

Charlie Baker’s chance for tomorrow’s transportation


ANOTHER DAY in Massachusetts, another litany of transportation problems: packed subways in Boston; late commuter trains in the suburbs; clogged roadways, well, everywhere. Snarled traffic makes life miserable for residents, and, eventually, will threaten the state’s rebound from the recession.

Massachusetts Life Sciences Employment: 2010-2012


“Massachusetts, in the life sciences, has leapfrogged other states in the last six or seven years,” said Barry Bluestone, the director of Northeastern’s Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy and a coauthor of the report.

What Makes Working Cities Work: Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Working Cities Cover

Summary from Barry Bluestone: In this Issue Brief I introduce a measure that estimates the factors that influence firm location choice in U.S. cities. I then investigate which of these factors may best explain the variance in employment trends across a select set of Massachusetts municipalities: the small and mid-sized post-industrial Massachusetts cities that the […]

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