The Boston Globe – Research misread in debate over car-free housing – 10/16/13


IN THE continuing debate over no-parking housing in Boston, Stanley Spiegel’s Oct. 11 letter cites my research at Northeastern University’s Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy but draws precisely the wrong conclusion from our work (“Even with nearby transit options, car keys will be jingling”). The research found that in half of neighborhoods newly served by transit, […]

Boston bombing suspect’s fate: Column


By James Alan Fox | USA Today Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is scheduled to appear in federal court today for his arraignment, and some victims and their families are expected to attend. When the 30-count indictment against him was announced last month, U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz indicated that the 19-year-old defendant, if convicted of murdering three […]

Mass. has the vision to fix transportation


By Michael S. Dukakis and Stephen P. Crosby | The Boston Globe | December 9, 2012 Four decades ago, the two of us were part of an extraordinary process that reinvented the way the state thinks about transportation and set the stage for an economic revival that we continue to enjoy today. That process was […]

New skills key to region’s economic future


By James T. Brett and Alan Clayton-Matthews | Gatehouse News Service | June 28, 2012 At the recent New England Economic Partnership conference, economists from around the region discussed the outlook for this part of the country. As it has been for several years, the economic forecast was tempered: The region is expected to experience […]

A fiscal forecast for Massachusetts

massachusetts fiscal forecast

massachusetts fiscal forecast

By Barry Bluestone | OpEd Boston Globe | May 30, 2012

IF 40 PAGES of statistics, tables, graphs, and economic analysis could generate any buzz at all, the state’s release of its report on long-term fiscal policy would have garnered front-page headlines. Indeed, it should have, for this may be the first time ever a governor has asked for a five-year budget plan anticipating future revenues and expenditures. We can be proud of the fact that the leaders of the state have been excellent fiscal stewards through the most difficult economic period since the Great Depression, implementing difficult budget cuts and improving our bond ratings to their highest levels in history. But we are hardly out of the fiscal woods.

Senior Discounts: A Gift for the Rich

senior discounts

With my Charlie Card Senior Pass, I can still ride the T for 60 cents.  At the Kendall Square Cinema, I save $2.00 over the regular ticket price.  Amtrak gives me a 15% discount on most trains if I merely show my ID.  Wendy’s will take 10% off my tab for a quick burger and golden fries.  Best of […]

How to Bring the Jobs Back: Freeze Public Wages

New York Times Op Ed | September 7, 2011

How to Bring the Jobs Back: Freeze Public Wages

By Barry Bluestone

IN the face of this economic crisis, the federal government has all but declared unilateral disarmament. The Federal Reserve chairman, Ben S. Bernanke, has vowed to keep real interest rates near zero, but even at that level few are borrowing. Over at the White House and on Capitol Hill, the pursuit of deficit reduction has taken on a religious fervor just when the economy needs a stimulus.

What can President Obama do? Many are suggesting another try at increasing infrastructure investment, but that would do little to provide a quick boost. Here is a wildly conservative, yet refreshingly liberal, alternative. Mr. Obama should first call together the leaders of all public- sector unions and ask them to pledge to a two-year freeze on federal, state and local public employee wages and benefits in return for a commitment to no government layoffs.

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