Our houses don’t fit us anymore


By Mike Ross Much of Boston’s existing housing stock was built for a very different time — a city filled with families, with more than half of the adults married. Children made up approximately one-third of the population, and households averaged three people. If you were single, you likely lived in one of the downtown […]

Study: Massachusetts needs ‘huge training effort’ in vocational education to meet workforce trends


By Carolyn Robbins  While a four-year college education will continue to give graduates the best shot at getting a high-paid job, by the beginning of the next decade the majority of expected job openings Massachusetts will require no more than a vocational education or a degree from a community college, according to a detailed study […]

Report Warns Of Future Mass. Labor Shortage


By Bob Oakes A new report out Monday predicts a severe labor shortage coming in Massachusetts — not because of a lack of highly educated workers, but because of a lack of workers with a vocational education. The report estimates the state’s community colleges and vocational schools will not be able to meet the job market’s […]

Job training system in Mass. falls short, study says


By Megan Woolhouse, Globe Staff Most of the projected job openings in Massachusetts over the next seven years will not require a four-year college degree, but an already strained vocational education system will be unable to train enough people to fill those vacancies, according to a report to be released Monday. It warns that the state […]

Supreme Court of the ‘60s lent ‘legal force to the dissatisfaction with bigotry’


By Jason Kornwitz, news@Northeastern Former U.S. Rep. Barney Frank praised the so-​​called Warren Court on Wednesday night at North­eastern Uni­ver­sity, saying that its panoply of land­mark deci­sions in the 1950s and ’60s lent “legal force to the repu­di­a­tion of bigotry.” Frank was refer­ring to the U.S. Supreme Court between 1953 and 1969, when Earl Warren served […]

Is buying a home around Boston worth it anymore?


By Keith O’Brien THE VIBE IN THE ROOM is contained desperation. Everyone is afraid of something. The woman in the back is worried about commitment. “The responsibility of it,” she says. The man two rows in front of her is concerned about making a mistake. “A bad investment,” he calls it. And then, maybe, you’d […]

GUEST COLUMN: How to Make Cambridge landlords even richer


By Barry Bluestone July of this year marked an important milestone for all of metro Boston. It was the first time that the median selling price of a single-family residence equaled the price that prevailed in 2005 before the Great Recession and the bursting of the housing bubble. But of the 161 communities in the […]

As Affordable Housing Shrinks, Where Can Families Live?


by Mike Maciag For more than a century, Boston’s iconic triple-deckers have served as inexpensive housing for families of modest means striving to secure a place in the middle class. One of these triple-deckers is currently home to Gosia Tomaszewska, who lives with her husband and 1-year-old daughter on the bottom floor of a house […]

Massachusetts economy slows, but still tops US rate


By Megan Woolhouse The Massachusetts economy slowed sharply in the third quarter, affected by global uncertainties and turmoil in financial markets, but still expanded faster than the US economy, according to a report by the University of Massachusetts and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. The state economy grew at 2 percent annual rate in […]

Big changes coming to North Tryon as Levine suspends construction


By  Will Boye, Senior Staff Writer Charlotte Business Journal As new development materializes along the North Tryon corridor in uptown Charlotte, the city may need to raise its standards. That’s the message that Michael Smith, CEO of Charlotte Center City Partners, delivered this morning at a Northeastern University panel about urban planning, First Ward and North […]

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