Wide racial gap exists on speed of Boston-area commutes


Disparity particularly bad on buses, averaging 80 minutes more per week By Eric Moskowitz | The Boston Globe | November 24, 2012 At the end of a recent community meeting on the state transportation system, a grandmotherly woman with a lyrical Caribbean accent strode up to the top transportation official in Massachusetts, dispensing with pleasantries. “Let […]

Roadmap to a sustainable transportation system


By Greg St. Martin | Northeastern News | November 21, 2012 Stephanie Pol­lack, asso­ciate director of the Dukakis Center for Urban and Regional Policy in Northeastern’s School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, noted a decades-long shift in public thinking about the envi­ron­mental impact of energy con­sump­tion. Now, she said, a sim­ilar move­ment must be directed toward sus­tain­able transportation. […]

MBTA, highway system face vast budget deficits


Budget analysis examines only operational costs By Eric Moskowitz | The Boston Globe | November 20, 2012 Just months after the MBTA raised fares, the T faces a $130 million deficit for the next budget year, according to an analysis released Monday by a regional think tank. But that daunting financial gap is eclipsed by […]

State’s short-term fix won’t solve MBTA’s ails


By Renée Loth | The Boston Globe | Opinion Column | June 23, 2012

Does Secretary of Transportation Richard Davey have the toughest job in state government? Smart and upbeat after nearly a year in the post, Davey still says it’s the best job. But the 39-year-old manager is confronting probably the greatest gap between public expectations and available resources of any service the state provides today. And he represents two warring constituencies — highway drivers and transit commuters — who are blind to their common interests.

Surging MBTA ridership could overwhelm system, report warns


By Eric Moskowitz | The Boston Globe | June 14, 2012 By the end of the decade, Boston’s subways could grow so packed that trains would roll past waiting commuters, unable to accommodate more riders, a new report from a leading land-use think tank warns. Surging T ridership and booming construction around transit stations, the […]

The Trouble with Mass Transit

THUMBthe t

By Bruce Gellerman

Living on Earth – PRI’s Environmental Newsmagazine | June 15, 2012

Business is booming for mass transit but for some cities it could be the end of the line. Host Bruce Gellerman find’s Boston public transportation facing fare hikes and service cuts. The Dukakis Center’s Stephanie Pollack was one of the two interviewed by Gellerman.

Click link to listen to the program.

Written transcript of the audio:



Love it, like it or lump it, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority touches nearly everyone’s lives in eastern Mass. And it’s in financial crisis, with newly announced fare hikes not enough to cover next year’s projected $100 million budget deficit. The week of April 23, we’re featuring special focus coverage of the tracks and troubles of our public transit system.

The MBTA: The Auto Driver’s Best Friend

Screen shot 2012-04-17 at 10.04.48 AM

Beginning July 1, MBTA fares will be going up and service will be cut.  To some, the increases may seem modest:  a single CharlieCard ride on the Red, Orange, or Blue line will increase by 30 cents to $2.00.  Bus rides will increase by 25 cents and student fares by fifteen.  Monthly passes for commuter rail riders will increase […]

40% in survey support a state bailout for MBTA


A state bailout of the cash-strapped MBTA won the backing of 40 percent of Massachusetts voters surveyed in a new Boston Globe poll, outstripping those who said they would categorically oppose an infusion of aid.

Support was most robust among those living inside Route 128, the T’s core service area.

MBTA calculator asks riders how to fix $161M budget gap


Should Massachusetts General Hospital and the Museum of Fine Arts pay a fee to the MBTA for the “naming rights” of T stations bearing their landmark names? Should the debt-riddled agency freeze its employees’ salaries for a year? Should Bay State drivers cough up an extra 2-cents-per gallon to help bail out the T?

These are just a few of the smorgasbord of questions posed by the “MBTA Budget Calculator: How Would You Fix the T’s Budget?” — a website designed to take the pulse of T riders and the public on how to close the T’s $161 million budget gap.

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