A fiscal forecast for Massachusetts

massachusetts fiscal forecast

massachusetts fiscal forecast

By Barry Bluestone | OpEd Boston Globe | May 30, 2012

IF 40 PAGES of statistics, tables, graphs, and economic analysis could generate any buzz at all, the state’s release of its report on long-term fiscal policy would have garnered front-page headlines. Indeed, it should have, for this may be the first time ever a governor has asked for a five-year budget plan anticipating future revenues and expenditures. We can be proud of the fact that the leaders of the state have been excellent fiscal stewards through the most difficult economic period since the Great Depression, implementing difficult budget cuts and improving our bond ratings to their highest levels in history. But we are hardly out of the fiscal woods.

A Winning School: Lessons from a Highly Successful Massachusetts High School

Shawsheen student

By Barry Bluestone | Boston.com | May 29, 2012 One of Massachusetts’ public high schools has a 97 percent graduation rate and a dropout rate of less than .02 percent (3 out of 1,323 students).  It ranks among the highest percentage of students scoring advanced or proficient in the 2011 MCAS assessments (97% in Language Skills; […]

Politicians can find start-ups hard to resist

Electronic Arts Demonstrates New Games During Media Day

By Jay Fitzgerald | The Boston Globe | May 22, 2012

In the end, they probably just can’t resist.

Health care lessons from Weld


By Michael Dukakis | The Boston Globe | Sunday, May 13, 2012 Bill Weld and I didn’t agree on much, but he did something in his first term as Massachusetts governor that should be required reading for anybody involved in the current debate over how to control health costs in the Commonwealth. Campaigning for the governorship […]

Massachusetts fares well in factory jobs study


by Hiawatha Bray | Boston.com | May 09, 2012 Factory jobs in Massachusetts, once confined to a museum display, are not only alive and well, but quite profitable for the workers holding them. So finds a new study from the Brookings Institution, which looked at the state of manufacturing across the United States and found […]

Senior Discounts: A Gift for the Rich

senior discounts

With my Charlie Card Senior Pass, I can still ride the T for 60 cents.  At the Kendall Square Cinema, I save $2.00 over the regular ticket price.  Amtrak gives me a 15% discount on most trains if I merely show my ID.  Wendy’s will take 10% off my tab for a quick burger and golden fries.  Best of […]

Positive signs for North Central Mass. housing market


LEOMINSTER — The economy in Massachusetts is looking pretty good compared the rest of the country, and North Central Massachusetts is looking even better in some regards, a public-policy expert reported during a conference at the Doyle Conservation Center Tuesday. Barry Bluestone, dean of the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs at Northeastern University, […]

Three Ways to Put Equity into TOD


By Carmen Rojas | Living Cities | April 24, 2012 Urban leaders across the country are lifting up Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) as a land-use and transportation solution to connect people to their places of employment, key services, and the communities they care about. These leaders are also pointing to the environmental benefits of TOD. For […]

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