The follow tutorials are for students who are transitioning to Northeastern University’s Disability Resource Center or Learning Disabilities Program.  Each session will outline important information about making the transition from high school to college.  After viewing and completing the activities in each session, students should gain a better understanding of how their new postsecondary environment will impact their college experience.


Session 1  Includes an overview of major differences between high school and postsecondary academic expectations.  Here, students will also evaluate their disability and gain a better understanding of how their disability will affect their learning in the college classroom.


Session 2  This session takes students through the process of becoming an effective Self Advocate.  This process includes learning how to disclose a disability, having an understanding of what the student needs to succeed, and knowing the rights and responsibilities afforded to students with disabilities in the postsecondary environment.


Session 3  This session suggests some things you may want to think about before arriving on campus.  We also spend some time exploring where other campus resources are on campus and some of the campus technologies that you will use at Northeastern University.


Session 4  Session 4 will outline how the Disability Resource Center works and how students can access their approved accommodations.  This session also highlights other workshops and supports that the DRC provides for students throughout the year.


Session 5  A Taste of Technology.  There are many different technologies available at Northeastern University and in this session we offer an overview of what they are, how to access them and how they can be helpful to you.