Students should request Professor Notification Letters (PNLs) for any classes in which they would like to use their relevant accommodations. Letters must be delivered to professors each semester before accommodations can take effect.

How to request Professor Notification Letters (PNLs):

  • Submit on-line request form;
  • Check NU e-mail for notification from the DRC that letters are ready;
  • Pick up letters at the DRC;
  • Deliver letters to professors within the first two weeks of class.

To access and submit the Professor Notification Letter Request Form please visit our Forms page.
For students in on-line classes with no classroom component, please complete the request form, and when asked for class location information, indicate “Online.” The DRC will e-mail the Professor Notification Letters (PNLs) directly to your professors. You will be responsible for confirming that your professors receive the e-mailed letters so that accommodations can go into effect.

Questions regarding Professor Notification Letters (PNLs) may be directed to the DRC front desk (617) 373-2675 or to your DRC Specialist.