Students who are approved for services and accommodations will need to register with the DRC in order to activate their files.

Registering with the DRC includes:

  • Scheduling a meeting (30-60 minutes) with the student’s assigned Specialist;
  • Reviewing approved accommodations, policies, and procedures with the Specialist;
  • Completing a Service Agreement and Confidentiality Consent Form;
  • Requesting Professor Notification letters (PNLs) as verification of registration with the DRC; and
  • Delivering the PNLs to your professors in a timely fashion in order to access accommodations.

Once students complete the Registration process, they have the option to use any of their approved accommodations. Accessing approved accommodations is a student-driven process. The student will benefit from being familiar with the steps to follow for each accommodation, and taking those steps in a timely fashion.

Read more about how to access accommodations here.