Note-taking is an accommodation intended to supplement, not replace, notes taken by the student him/herself. Note-taking requests can sometimes take several weeks to fulfill. Students will benefit from submitting requests prior to the start of the new term to help ensure note-takers are placed for the start of classes.

Note-taking Request forms should be submitted if you are submitting a new request or if you are making changes to a previous request (i.e. dropping a course, canceling a note-taker, etc.):

  • You add a new class
  • You change section (CRN)
  • You drop a course
  • Your class changes location

How to request a note-taker:

  • Request your Professor Notification Letters (PNLs);
  • Submit on-line request for Note-takers;
  • Deliver Professor Notification Letters (PNLs) in order to use Note-taker accommodation.

To access and submit the on-line request for Note-takers please visit our Forms page.

If you have any concerns about your note-taking accommodation, please visit our Forms page to submit the Student Communication Regarding Note-Taking form.

Please note: DRC students are required to meet with their assigned note-taker once during the first few weeks of being matched.

Questions regarding Note-taking requests may be directed to or to your assigned DRC Specialist.