Thank you for your interest in serving the DRC students!

Note-taking services are provided by the DRC for students who are registered with our office and have been approved for the accommodation. In order to provide this service, the DRC hires Northeastern students each semester to serve as note-takers. These notes stand as an important accommodation for students with disabilities.

The Note-taker position is open to all Northeastern students. This includes any financial aid status (i.e. FWS eligible, need-based, and general Northeastern).

Requirements: Note-takers must take thorough notes, attend each class, and submit notes to the DRC as instructed.  This role also involves maintaining the confidentiality of the DRC student receiving notes.
Note-takers are considered a good match when they:

  • are enrolled in the DRC student’s class,
  • are in the same major,
  • have taken the class before, and/or
  • are the closest match to the DRC student’s needs.

Note-Taker Application Process

Students applying to be note-takers must have a valid social security number and a valid I-9, or approval to work at Northeastern through valid ISSI documentation.

How to apply to be a note-taker:

  • Please note the note-taker application can now be found on your mynortheasern portal.  Please go to the services and links tab and then click on DRC services in the DRC module. 

The DRC Note-taking Services will contact you only IF you are found to be the best match for the requested class(es). Please DO NOT come to the DRC to inquire about Note-taking positions. While persistence is a virtue, we do ask that you respect the consistent process for note-taker selection at the University. Therefore, your persistence will not affect the decision-making process established by the Coordinator of Note-taking Services.

Question about becoming a note-taker should be submitted through our Note-taking Communication Sheet, please visit the following link to access it.