Northeastern University is committed to providing equal access to all programs and services for students with disabilities.  Under Section 504 of the Americans with Disabilities Act, students are eligible to receive reasonable accommodation.  Reasonable accommodations are meant to ensure equal access, and are not meant to impose an undue burden or fundamental alteration to any program.  Northeastern’s internal grievance procedure has been designed to provide students a means of seeking an internal resolution if they believe their rights have been violated.  Grievances may be filed for the following reasons: inaccessible program, discrimination based on disability, or accommodation denial.   Once the grievance form is received, the University will respond within 60 days with a written statement detailing any findings.  An internal investigation will take place which may involve interviews and review of documents.  Because of the nature of the grievance procedure, complete confidentiality is not always possible, however all efforts will be made to ensure that information is only provided on a ‘need to know’ basis.   Please note this process is internal and does not constitute filing with an outside agency such as the Office of Civil Rights.

Informal Procedure

A student may initiate informal proceedings before filing a formal grievance.  The student shall contact the Senior Director of Learning Strategies and Student Success (or in the case that the complaint involves the Senior Director, the Vice President of Student Affairs) who will conduct consultations with those parties concerned including:  the student, disability specialists and other appropriate administrators.  This procedure shall not exceed ten days.  If a resolution cannot be obtained to the student’s satisfaction, the student should initiate a formal grievance.

Formal Grievance Procedure

A student shall file a formal grievance if the attempt to resolve the issue informally did not result in a satisfactory outcome.

  • The student should submit a written complaint via the Formal Grievance Form to the Senior Director. In the event that the grievance involves the Senior Director, please submit the grievance form to the Vice President of Student Affairs.
  • Upon receipt of the complaint, an investigation shall be conducted by an appointed committee who will interview and/or consult with the student any other individuals who may have relevant information regarding said complaint.
  • Upon conclusion of the investigation, a written document will be submitted to the appointed committee which will outline the validity of the complaint as well as a proposed resolution.
  • The student will be contacted in writing.
  • The decision and resolution will be final.