Exam accommodations apply to quizzes (scheduled and “pop”), tests, and exams taken in classroom or online settings. For these accommodations, the student will need to initiate the request process for each test situation in a timely fashion in order to receive the full benefits of the accommodation(s).

How to request exam accommodations for tests taken at the DRC:

  1. Submit a Room Reserve form at least one (1) week in advance of the quiz, test, or exam. For final exams, submit the request two (2) weeks in advance;
  2. Download and print an Exam Accommodation form; complete the form together with your professor;
  3. Deliver the Exam Accommodation form to the DRC on or before the time you are scheduled to take the test.

Be sure to indicate on the Room Reserve form your specific, approved exam accommodations. Use the “other” field to indicate use of: adaptive technology, alternative format, computer, interpreter or CART services, or other relevant accommodations. If you are approved for the use of a reader or scribe for the test situations, be sure to submit that separate request form at least seven (7) days in advance.

To access and submit any of the following requests please visit our Forms page:

  • Room Reserve Form
  • Exam Accommodation Form
  • Reader, Scribe, Lab Aide Request

If you need to change or cancel your Room Reserve, submit a new request form and indicate that it is a change or cancellation request.

Questions regarding exam accommodations may be directed to your DRC Specialist.