The DRC may approve a variety of classroom-related accommodations, depending on the individual student’s needs. The student and his/her specialist will meet to discuss in detail the accommodation(s) approved for that student, and any necessary steps for the student to take to use the accommodation.

Once approved, some classroom accommodations require specific action steps on the part of the student. For these particular accommodations, the student will need to initiate the request process each semester, in a timely fashion, in order to receive the full benefits of the accommodation(s).

Classroom-related accommodations that the student will need to initiate include:

Classroom Scheduling


Communication Access Request

Communication Access Request






Reader, Scribe, or Lab-Aide

Other classroom-related accommodations will not necessarily require a request process each semester (e.g. preferential seating or use of service animal). These accommodations will still be documented for the student, as appropriate, in the Professor Notification Letters.