The bullpen is a collaborative, multi-use student space adjacent to the Discovery Lab. It is currently used for the development and support of innovative, student driven technology. Student groups and programs are invited to use the bullpen for long-term projects and in support of new technologies.

Bullpen reservations are open to groups of 3 to 6 and can be made through the NUSSO Reservation System ((https://nuevents.neu.edu/).

Matlab software support

MATHWORKS has funded a graduate position as a part of a large gift to NU. This position supports student, faculty and researchers effort in using Matlab in addition to the many associated toolboxes the university has made available. This support is offered University wide and support has been provided to CCIS, Engineering, Bouve, and College of Science and other courses/schools.

Support hours:

Monday & Wednesday 10am – 1pm

Tuesday & Friday 2pm – 5pm

Contact information: MathWorksHelp@neu.edu

A “MATLAB Help and Mentoring” course is available in Blackboard. To be enrolled in this free course, send an email to the contact information above.