The vision of the Discovery Lab is to provoke thought and discussion by showcasing ideas and innovations here at NEU. Students, faculty and researchers can display work that compliments not only the learning experience but also the positive influence and effect the contribution/idea has both locally and globally. Discovery Lab will host discussions and exhibitions from companies who are change agents, paving the way with innovative technology and ideas.

The Discovery Lab is located on the first floor of the newly renovated Snell library and has a flexible design giving students, faculty, colleges and guest speakers the opportunity to present and or display in many formats and configurations. Interdisciplinary programming is encouraged. Co-sponsoring and collaborating with others departments or schools on theme-based exhibits may interest a broader audience and foster valuable relationships.

The Discovery Lab will have a standing showcase with vendors who provide discounted technology to the students.

Description of the Discovery Lab

  • Counter space for demonstration and display
  • Wall space accommodating visual aids/art
  • Two flat screen digital displays with multiple inputs for live presentations or video loops with ability to display video, games, animation and images
  • Center café’ height table for presentations and display



The logo is an expression of discovery among the different departments at Northeastern. The large centered dark gray circle represents a central part of campus. Diagonal lines connect to various Northeastern buildings. The different sizes and and colors of the smaller circles represent collaboration among different departments and entities.


The Discovery Lab website was created through the creative minds, efforts and collaboration of the graduate assistants in Academic Technology Services.