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Welcome to the Dean’s Corner from the Dean! 

Welcome to the Dean’s Corner from the Dean! 

I have been privileged to serve as the Founding Dean and Regional CEO of the Northeastern University-Seattle Graduate Campus since 2012. We have grown tremendously in the last few years, and in April will expand to two additional campus locations nearby here in South Lake Union.  It has been an exciting journey so far for Northeastern and me personally.  We have created the Dean’s Corner platform as one vehicle that allows us to have an ongoing discussion with community members, students and anyone in our community on the leading-edge issues that shape our community and its future, both here on campus and in the Puget Sound region.  I continue to be deeply involved in regional issues as a civic leader, and would welcome your input and ideas on how we proceed in health care, urban development, education, social equity and the economic development and quality of life in this region.  I will use the Dean’s Corner to keep you abreast on upcoming events and activities at our campus that you may have an interest in attending.  One of  the many things I love about being Dean is the ability to convene really smart leaders and stakeholders  in a wide  range of areas to  explore  new  solutions and then go out and get things done.  Hope you come along and share your input and ideas.

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