Northeastern in the Northwest: How do we fit in?

From time to time, I am asked, “How does Northeastern University fit in the Pacific Northwest?”  Aside from possible campus confusion (we are the Huskies after all!), it is important to understand the role Northeastern-Seattle plays in Washington State and the Greater Seattle region. Washington State is blessed with many excellent institutions of higher education.  It has 39 community colleges, many of which are ... Read More »

Unique Approach to Graduate Education Yields Great Growth in Computer Science Program

As you may know, we’ve recently expanded our Seattle Graduate campus, to an additional 10,000 square feet of classrooms and collaboration space just a block away from our 401 Terry Ave N. campus. In the coming weeks we will be inviting friends and the community to join us, check out the space, and celebrate the added capacity for education in ... Read More »

What is the student experience like in Online or Hybrid format?

“On-ground” learning is a term that refers to the traditional college campus, where students come to and in many cases reside on campus in dormitories.  That is a great experience, but one that is increasingly not an option for students with jobs or students who cannot afford the high costs associated with living on campus.  In recent decades, schools like Northeastern have ... Read More »

Moving our Health Care Industry from a Disease-based to a Wellness-based Approach

One of the reasons Northeastern University selected the heart of South Lake Union as home for the Seattle campus is due to the transformational innovation underway at many of the companies and research institutes within two miles of our campus. For example, our main campus is housed in the same building as the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB).  Led by Dr. ... Read More »

Seattle is an Innovation Hub and Needs Smart Graduates!

Two years ago Northeastern was very intentional in choosing the center of the South Lake Union neighborhood as the location for our Seattle Graduate Campus.  Within a mile we have 50+ biotech/biomedical research institutes (see graphic), the Gates Foundation global headquarters, and dozens of innovative technology companies, including Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft. Finally, just across the street, the headquarters of Amazon. ... Read More »

Ian Gorton named Director of Computer Science, Northeastern, Seattle

Meeting the Puget Sound’s demand for high quality Computer Science Employees – Northeastern Names Dr. Ian Gorton as the Director of Computer Science at their Seattle Graduate Campus The Greater Seattle region in 2015 has enjoyed the reputation of being the global leader in Big Data and Cloud Computing, with companies like Amazon and Microsoft leading the way.  Other homegrown ... Read More »

Welcome to the Dean’s Corner from the Dean! 

Northeastern University Seattle Campus

I have been privileged to serve as the Founding Dean and Regional CEO of the Northeastern University-Seattle Graduate Campus since 2012. We have grown tremendously in the last few years, and in April will expand to two additional campus locations nearby here in South Lake Union.  It has been an exciting journey so far for Northeastern and me personally.  We ... Read More »

Equity and Inequality

Written by Northeastern University – Seattle’s Dean and CEO, Tayloe Washburn How do we provide equity and opportunity for all citizens in our region? The rapid expansion in the Seattle region’s economy has brought jobs and prosperity for many, but the benefits have been unevenly distributed, both nationally and in this region. These graphs help spell out the problem: Many would agree ... Read More »

Closing the Skills Gap: Collaboration and Innovation Leading to Change


Finding the job you want in the Seattle region — what’s in the toolbox for finding and getting that job.  How does your company find the employees it needs to prosper? Multiple articles and studies in recent months have highlighted two key facts: 1) there are a lot of unfilled jobs in this region; and 2) many people are trying to land ... Read More »