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Using speed networking to kick start conversation and connection

In today’s connected world, the strength of your network can be your most vital tool when it comes to seeking a new job. Knowing how to network is an important skill to help you make connections and expand your reach. At Northeastern University-Seattle, we have used speed networking as a way to foster conversation and connections at two recent community ... Read More »

Closing the Skills Gap: Collaboration and Innovation Leading to Change


Finding the job you want in the Seattle region — what’s in the toolbox for finding and getting that job.  How does your company find the employees it needs to prosper? Multiple articles and studies in recent months have highlighted two key facts: 1) there are a lot of unfilled jobs in this region; and 2) many people are trying to land ... Read More »

Building Connections, Maintaining Networks


One of the reasons Northeastern asked me to serve as the founding Dean and CEO of its Seattle Graduate Campus was because I am fairly well “connected” or “networked” in the Seattle community.  In my earlier roles as the Chair of many civic organizations (Seattle Chamber, Seattle/King County Economic Development Council, Director of Washington Aerospace Partnership) and one of the leaders ... Read More »