Connecting the dots hidden within massive volumes of structured and unstructured data has become one of the greatest challenges and opportunities faced by industry, research institutions, governments, and academia today. Finding meaningful patterns and relationships from which insights can be drawn and data-driven decisions made is now foundational to competition, innovation, and productivity,

Northeastern University’s Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics was developed to help address these emerging and critical needs. This interdisciplinary program is designed to meet the interests, goals, and schedules of students and working professionals alike. All bachelor’s degrees qualify; the successful completion of an undergraduate course in statistics is the only prerequisite. A curious mind, an interest in math and technology, and a desire to make valuable, strategic contributions in their disciplines are the key attributes our data analytics students bring to their studies.

The Graduate Certificate will help students build knowledge of data management, machine learning, data mining, statistics, and visualizing and communicating data.

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Am I Right for the Data Analytics Programs?

You're intrigued by data and deeply aware of the effect big data is having on the world around you. You're inquisitive, driven to ask new questions, learn new things, and make new discoveries. You want to make an impact in how people view and understand data, and apply your interests and talents to the challenges offered in the broad field of data analytics. Whether you are a recent college graduate, current or aspiring graduate student, or individual looking to advance your expertise and career, Northeastern's Data Analytics Programs include a course of study for you.

Program Options

Northeastern University is helping to create leaders with a deep understanding of the mechanics of working with data and the capacity to identify and communicate data-driven insights that ultimately influence decisions. Our analytics graduate programs prepare students with a professionally focused, on-trend educational experience—led by expert faculty. Through experiential learning opportunities, collaboration between a diverse group of fellow students, and access to a global network of alumni, our analytics graduate programs produce the next generation of knowledgeable, experienced analytics leaders.

We offer a breadth of analytics master's degrees and an analytics graduate certificate program for individuals who want to be a part of this growing field. Choose to start with a Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics, which is stackable into our key master’s degree programs, or enter directly into the program of your choice:

*All programs are available 100% online with the exception of the Master's in Game Science and Design. This program is offered on the Boston campus.