Food Frequency Questionnaires

We have designed specialized food frequency questionnaires for various population groups. We offer scannable paper forms. Once forms are completed and sent back to DAC they are quality controlled and a nutrient daily report per subject is sent to you in 2 to 3 weeks.


We have an OpScan 6 Scanner, optical mark reader (OMR) from Pearson Assessments. The scanner has an information dual-side, reflective read head for faster two-sided document scanning, and is set up for automated processing of food frequency questionnaires. Using scannable forms, data are quickly and accurately scanned and then linked to our nutrient database for processing to nutrient information.

Portion Size Tools

We use Nasco food models ( to assist subjects in identifying their food portion sizes. We also use the Food Portion Booklet which is used to assist with telephone interviews.


Food Frequency processing
$25 per form (includes scanning, coding, computer-editing and daily nutrient analysis; $3 addt’l for coding cereal open ended sections*
$1000 food group files
$15 Healthy Easting Index (per participant)
$15 Life Simply Seven Report (per participant)

W-9 Form
Please make checks payable to Northeastern University.