Major Changes

In order to declare a CSSH major, students should schedule an appointment and meet with the CSSH academic advisor for their desired major.

It is strongly recommended that students also meet with a CSSH undergraduate program advisor in the new major to take advantage of his/her expertise in such things as curricular options, research opportunities, graduate school possibilities, and career paths.

Here are the possible pathways to declaring a CSSH major:

Direct Entry – After meeting with the CSSH academic advisor for their desired major, students who meet all entrance criteria will be approved and receive a confirmation email.

Transitional Semester (for International Affairs and Political Science only) – Students who do not meet the entrance criteria for direct entry into the International Affairs or Political Science major, but have a cumulative GPA above a 2.0, are eligible for a Transitional Semester. The student and the CSSH academic advisor will complete a Transitional Semester Contract for the intended major during their meeting. This contract will outline the necessary grades and/or GPA the student is required to earn during the Transitional Semester in order to enter their desired major.

Provisional Semester – Some students who do not meet the entrance criteria for Direct Entry to their desired major and have a cumulative GPA below a 2.0 may be eligible for a Provisional Semester. Under these circumstances students are required to:

Students currently on Academic Probation 2 must wait until their current academic term grades are posted before a CSSH advisor can approve them as direct entry, transitional semester, provisional semester, or denied entry to CSSH.

Each college has different policies for transferring into their majors. For the transfer policies of other colleges, contact the advising center for that college. Click here for contact info for the other advising offices in the university.