Past Events

Prof. Silvia Dominguez Talk


“What do Networks Have to do with it?” Silvia Dominguez will discuss how social isolation is not always the case in concentrated areas of poverty by looking at two case studies, one in Chicago with African American women and one in Boston with Latin-American immigrant women.

Complicating Violence Conference


“Complicating ‘Violence': Moving Beyond Bounded Understandings” Event is free but registration is required. Click link to register: Remarks will be made by: Irvin Staub, Maria Clemencia Ramirez, Jack Levin and Gordana Rabrenovic  

Senior Capstone Presentation – Dec 1


Surrogacy in the U.S.: the Culture and the Law (Samantha Grosso) Bullying as a Way to Police Gender and Sexuality (Jamie Schefen) Effects of Government, Community, and Family on Practice Parameters of ASD Care (Juliana Landsman-Gerjoi) Personal Belief Exemptions: Balancing Individualism and the Greater Good (Megan Herrington) Navajo Nation: Asserting Sovereignty Through Culturally-Based Education (Shelby…
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