Alumni News

Shobha Hamal Gurung is an associate professor of sociology and Women and Gender Studies at Southern Utah University. She is also the Program Director of SUU’s Nepal Studies Program. She received her PhD in sociology from Northeastern University, Boston. Her areas of work, teaching, and research have been in gender and labor; globalization, migration, and transnational studies; South Asia and international studies; and social justice and human rights. She has received funding from the Institute for Asian American Studies at the University of Massachusetts-Boston and the Ford Foundation Research Grant (University of Illinois; 2009) to further her research about Nepali Female Migrants in the US Informal Economic Sector. Her broad expertise on the lives and experiences of Nepali women is reflected in her publications: “Women Weavers in Nepal: Between Global Market and Local Craft Production” (The Power of Women’s Informal Networks 2004); “Nepali Female Migrants and Informalization of Domestic and Care Work: Service or Servitude?” (Journal of Workplace Rights 2010); “Growing Up Hindu: Mapping the Memories of a Nepali Woman in the United States” (Living Religions 2008);“Sex Trafficking and the Sex Trade Industry: The Processes and Experiences of Nepali Women”(Journal of Intercultural Studies 2014); “Shifting Gender Roles and Shifting Power Relations: Immigrant/Migrant Nepali Families in New York and Los Angeles”(Living Diaspora–family, education and identity 2014); “Gendered Labor: Experiences of Nepali Women Within Pan-Ethnic informal Labor Markets in Boston and New York” with Bandana Purkayastha (Immigrant Workers: in the Neoliberal (University of Illinois Press; 2013); and “Fluidity and Realities of Race, Class, and Gender: Different Places, Times, and Contexts” (Routledge International Handbook of Race, Class, and Gender 2014).

Her book Nepali Migrant Women: Resistance and Survival in America will be published by Syracuse University. Hopefully. it will be out by Fall 2015.