The Department of Sociology and Anthropology offers four concentrations in the PhD program. The strength of these areas of concentrations rests on:

  1. a cluster of courses offered in the department in this area, including a foundational course;
  2. supplementary courses offered outside of the department that also reinforce learning in the concentration;
  3. a cohesive group of three or more faculty that consider this to be a major focus of their work, as represented in their publications, grants, and course offerings;
  4. the theoretical compatibility and collaboration between various faculty working in each concentration;
  5. a larger support infrastructure for the concentration, including Centers and related interdisciplinary programs;
  6. the importance of the area of concentration to the discipline and the larger society; and
  7. the appeal of the concentration to prospective graduate students.

In addition, many of our faculty are working in fields of study that cut across the boundaries of these areas of concentration, including race, social movements and collective action, radical political economy, the sociology of work, and environmental sociology (as seen in the Northeastern Environmental Justice Research Collaborative.