The CSSH Research Development Initiative

The Dean of the College of Social Sciences and Humanities is pleased to announce the 2015-16 CSSH Research Development Initiative, which will provide faculty members in the college with seed funding to help them develop proposals for more significant support from external sources. This program began in fall 2012 and has now supported more than two dozen CSSH faculty members.


To support early stage research that will lead to the development of proposals for external support by faculty from the College of Social Science and Humanities. This external support may come in a wide variety of forms including grants, fellowships, research contracts, or research partnerships.


All full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty from the CSSH are eligible to apply for these awards. Consortia comprised of faculty from CSSH and other colleges at Northeastern may also apply. Priority will be given to faculty who do not have research accounts of more than $5,000, or major external grants.

Maximum Award

Awards under this program may not exceed $5,000.

Allowable Expenses

Under this solicitation, allowable expenses include travel, the purchase of data or software, access fees to archives, and funding for graduate students as research assistants. In rare instances these funds may be used to purchase hardware if the hardware is necessary for the development of the full proposal. Neither faculty salary nor faculty course releases will be supported under this program.

Application Materials

Intent to Apply: please inform Erika Koss ( by October 1, 2015, if you intend to apply for the fall 2015 cycle. The intent to apply deadline for the spring 2016 cycle is February 3, 2016.

For the fall 2015 cycle, all materials must be submitted electronically no later than Thursday, October 15, 2015. For the spring 2016 cycle, all materials must be submitted electronically no later than Wednesday, February 17, 2016. Applications must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. EST. All prospectuses should be submitted in an electronic format through the CSSH online application system.

Apply now through the CSSH online application system.

The application includes the prospectus and the vitae.

A three to five (double-spaced) page narrative that includes:

Please write in accessible language since the reviewers will not all be familiar with your specific research area of interest. A successful prospectus will include a strong justification not only for the value of the research project but also its importance in its discipline. Some explanation should be provided about the specific external funding opportunities sought and any insights the author has about past or future funding priorities of the agency/foundation. The prospectus should specifically connect the research project to the funding opportunity. The budget should be clear, detailed and specific. Vitae A three page summary of applicants’ vitae that highlights the most relevant experience according to the proposed research project and external funding opportunity. Please submit both the Prospectus and Vitae as one PDF document.

Review Process

Applications will be reviewed by a committee comprised of CSSH faculty who will make recommendations to the Dean. The members of this review committee will remain anonymous.


There will be two funding cycles for this program this year. For the fall 2015 cycle, all materials must be submitted electronically by Thursday, October 15, 2015; notification will be given by Monday, November 16, 2015. For the spring 2016 cycle, all materials must be submitted electronically by Wednesday, February 17, 2016; notification will be given by Thursday, March 17, 2016. Successful applicants will begin their projects no sooner than 45 days from the notification decision. Most projects will be funded for six months; all unexpended funds will be returned to the Dean’s Office after 12 months (from date of notification).

Reporting Requirements

Successful applicants will submit a two-page, mid-year report and a two-page, final report to the Dean’s Office. Assistant Dean Erika Koss will send reporting grids to successful applicants with instructions and due dates. Mid-year and final reports will be submitted to her electronically via email at

Repeat Awards

This program exists to provide one time support to CSSH faculty to help them develop proposals for external support. Therefore, a successful faculty member will generally not be re-funded for the same project from this initiative. Faculty who are not funded in one cycle are eligible to submit an application for funding during the next round. A faculty member who received support under this initiative will be eligible to apply for funding for future projects three years from the conclusion of his or her original project.


Please address any questions about this initiative to Assistant Dean Erika Koss (

Apply Now

Apply now through the CSSH online application system.