9Introduction: Overview of 1960s

Setting the 1960s in light of 1950s and 1970s
Barry Bluestone; Michael Dukakis; Heather Campion
161960's Politics: JFK and LBJ

Great Society, War on Poverty, Medicaid-Medicare,
Higher Education Act, Equal Pay Act, Immigration Act
Thomas Oliphant; Fredrik Logevall; Ben Taylor (former publisher of the Boston Globe, 1997 - 1999)
23Boston in the 1960'sBarry Bluestone; Joseph Feaster, Jr.; Sue Katz
301960's Civil RightsMargaret Burnham; Ted Landsmark
71960's Social Revolution

SDS, Birth Control, Woodstock, Women's Movement
Bob Ross; Tim Brown; Winifred Breines
141960's Economics

Growth with Equity, American MFG Supremacy
Lawrence H. Summers; Barry Bluestone
211960's Technology

Space Race, Integrated Circuit, Computers
W.D. Kay; Monte F. Hancock, Jr.
281960's Foreign Policy

Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, Middle East 1967 War
Stephen Kinzer; Gretchen Heefner
41960's U.S. Supreme CourtNancy Gertner; Barney Frank
111960's SportsBill Littlefield; Bob Ryan; Charles Fountain
181960's MediaChristopher Lydon; Mimi Segel
25Thanksgiving - No class
21960's Religion and Vatican IIKenneth Himes; Thomas Groome
91960's Film and TVMurray Forman; Joanne Morreale