9Introduction: Overview of 1960s

Setting the 1960s in light of 1950s and 1970s
Barry Bluestone and Michael Dukakis
161960's Politics: JFK and LBJ

Great Society, War on Poverty, Medicaid-Medicare,
Higher Education Act, Equal Pay Act, Immigration Act
Further speakers to be announced
231960's Economics

Growth with Equity, American MFG Supremacy
Further speakers to be announced
301960's Civil Rights
71960's Social Revolution

SDS, Birth Control, Woodstock, Women's Movement
14Boston in the 1960's
211960's Technology

Space Race, Integrated Circuit, Computers
281960's Foreign Policy

Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, Middle East 1967 War
41960's U.S. Supreme Court
111960's Sports
181960's Media
25Thanksgiving - No class
21960's Film and Television
91960's A Musical Finale