Upcoming Sessions

The Fall 2016 Open Classroom explores the choices facing the American electorate in November, followed after the election by reflections on the Obama presidency. The schedule below is tentative and subject to change.


9/7      The Choice: How did we get here? Paths to their Nomination

9/14    The Economy

9/21    What is America? Globalization and the New Age of Migration

9/28    Challenges facing Younger Generations (e.g. education, childcare, the deficit)

10/5    The Social Contract (Health Care, Social Security, etc.)

10/12  Narratives about America (issues of identity: culture, class, race, sexual orientation, etc.)

10/19  What We Leave to Our Children (sustainability, climate, etc.)

10/26  Visions of the World and the U.S. Role in It

11/2    What just happened? Election post-mortem

11/9    The Obama Legacy: Domestic Policy

11/16  The Obama Legacy: Foreign Policy

11/30  The Obama Legacy: The America He Leaves Behind

12/7    Reflections, Predictions