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At the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs, we drive interdisciplinary thinking and problem solving on issues of pressing and emerging concern to society at local, state, national, and international levels.

Our degree and certificate programs, cutting-edge research centers, and international exchange experiences are putting into place the intellectual and institutional infrastructure required to create lasting solutions for social, economic and environmental challenges, and to generate positive impact in the classroom, city hall, boardroom, neighborhood, and around the world.


Art and the urban experience

The city has always been a source of inspiration for artists, and the environment par excellence where art is dreamed, produced, and exhibited (and given the current speculation and ballooning prices on the ever-expanding art market, one should add “sold” to that list). Led by cultural meccas like New York and Paris, our metropolitan areas…
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The terror in Nice and security across the EU

Photo from BBC News (World) Twitter (@BBCWorld)   By John O’Neill | news@Northeastern France is reeling from its third major attack in 19 months after a lone ter­rorist sped a 19-​​ton truck into a crowd of people gath­ered to watch Bastille Day fire­works. The attack killed at least 84 people and injured more than 200…
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Discovering a city’s character

  I’m about halfway through my time in this office and I realized I haven’t written much about Medford itself, and what I’ve learned about it. Sure, in some places I have touched on learning that airplane noise was a problem outside of Winthrop, or that the Milk Inspector’s office existed and tree stump removal…
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3Qs: Will ‘superbug’ in Rio’s waters harm Olympic athletes?

Graphic by YoungHee Jang.   By Northeastern News The Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro have been over­shad­owed by a plethora of con­cerns—civil unrest, shoddy con­struc­tion, and the Zika virus, to name a few—and the Games are still about a month away. Now a new study from a team of Brazilian sci­en­tists has found that…
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Ben Hoffman_Urban Inf

Ben Hoffman

M.S. in Urban Informatics

"For most of my life I have had to choose between a career that has meaning and one that pays the bills. This program represents an opportunity to find one that does both."

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Elizabeth Giardino

M.S. in Urban and Regional Policy

"I loved the idea of taking really rigorous research and analysis and applying this in a meaningful way to the problems metropolitan areas are facing right here and now."

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Michael Dukakis

Professor and former Massachusetts Governor

“The School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs has been doing some of the best research anywhere on the key issues that face the Commonwealth and its communities.”

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