Faculty Research & Publications

The Jewish Studies faculty would like to share their recent publications and research:


Joshua Jacobson: Professor Jacobson has published many articles, and recent publications

include “Maccabee Songs and the Zionist Agenda,” which is an investigation of how the early

Zionists retrojected their agenda into songs for the holiday of Chanukah. His curriculum vitae

can be seen here.


Debra Kaufman: Professor Kaufman recently published a piece entitled “The Circularity

of Secularity: The Sacred and Secular in Some Contemporary Post-Holocaust Identity

Narratives” in Contemporary Jewry, Vol 30:119-139. She is currently engaged in writing a book

about Post Holocaust Contemporary Narratives, Secularity, Religiosity and Jewish identity.

Laurel Leff: In Fall 2011, Professor Leff published an article entitled “Journalism Ethics After

Auschwitz,” in the Journal of Ecumenical Studies.


Lori Lefkovitz: In 2010, Professor Lefkovitz released the book In Scripture: The First Stories of

Jewish Sexual Identities, which was named a finalist for that year’s National Jewish Book Award

for exploring the Biblical origins of a series of contemporary attitudes toward Jewish men and

women. She plans to write her next book on the representation of Jewish fathers in literature.

For more information about her publications and research, click here.


William Miles: Bill Miles recently spoke on Rhode Island Public Radio’s “This I Believe” series

about his experience with his student, Hannah el-Sadat, the granddaughter of Anwar el-
Sadat; to listen to the podcast, click here. In the Middle East Journal, Professor Miles wrote an

article about recent changes in Israeli secondary school textbooks regarding the teaching of

Israel’s boundaries, and recently published “Among the Jubos: During the Festival of Lights,” in

Transition. Additionally, Markus Wiener Publishers of Princeton is publishing his forthcoming

book on Jews and Judaism in West Africa. Other publications within the last two years include

scholarly journal articles, book chapters, monographs, and an entry in the Encyclopedia of the

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Topics include “Israel’s Religious Vote in Comparative Perspective:

an Africanist Analysis,” “Jewish Diaspora from the Perspective of the Diaspora,” “Dueling

Border Tours: Jerusalem,” and “Indigenization of the Holocaust and the Tehran Holocaust

Conference: Iranian Aberration or Third World Trend?” On-Line Essays include “Tisha B’Av at

Ground Zero” and “Other: Ashkenazi” from the New Vilna Review.


Jim Ross: Professor Ross served as a discussant on a panel titled “Migrant Experiences: Jewish

Communities in and from South and Southeast Asia” at the Association for Asian Studies &

International Convention of Asia Scholars in Honolulu last year. He also received a grant from

the U.S. Institute for Peace to run a three-week seminar for Israeli and Palestinian journalists

on ways to improve coverage of the Middle East conflict. His current research focuses on the

image of Jews in contemporary China.