Nick Beauchamp

Nicholas Beauchamp

Assistant Professor of Political Science
education Ph.D., 2012, Political Science,
New York University
Mailing address 317 ME
360 Huntington Avenue,
Boston, MA 02115

Nicholas Beauchamp is an assistant professor of political science at Northeastern University. He received his PhD from the NYU Department of Politics in September, 2012, specializing in U.S. politics (political behavior, campaigns, opinion, political psychology, social media) and political methodology (quantitative text analysis, machine learning, bayesian methods, agent-based models, networks). His dissertation develops new techniques in text analysis to model the interplay between speech, belief, and behavior in legislatures, campaign advertising, and online communication. His current research projects examine argument and long-term opinion change online; the spread and evolution of ideas over Twitter; and predicting and explaining Supreme Court decisions using the text of legal briefs.

Selected Publications

“A Bottom-up Approach to Linguistic Persuasion in Advertising,” Research Note in The Political Methodologist, Fall 2011

Nicholas Beauchamp, Henry Brady, Richard Fowles, Aviel Rubin, and Jonathan Taylor, 2004: “Findings of an independent panel on allegations of statistical evidence for fraud during the 2004 Venezuelan Presidential recall referendum,” Observing the Venezuela Presidential Recall Referendum: Comprehensive Report, The Carter Center, Atlanta.

Selected Honors & Awards

Henry McCracken Fellowship, New York University, 2006-2012

Bradley Fellowship, New York University, 2009-2012

Research Fellowship, New York University, 2007, 2008

Johns Hopkins Technology Fellowship, 2003

Honors in Philosophy, Honors in English, Yale University, 1996

Elmore A. Willets Prize for Fiction, Yale University, 1996

Lloyd Mifflin Prize for Outstanding Work in English, Yale University, 1996

Albert H. Smyth Scholarship, Yale University, 1992