Matthew Hunt

Chair, Department of Sociology and Anthropology; Professor of Sociology
education Ph.D., 1998
Indiana University
Mailing address 523 HO
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, Ma 02115

Matthew O. Hunt is chair of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and a professor of sociology at Northeastern University. His primary research interests involve intersections of race/ethnicity, social psychology, and inequality in the United States. His work has appeared in the American Sociological Review, Social Forces, Social Psychology Quarterly, Social Science Quarterly, Du Bois Review and other publications. He co-edited a volume (March 2011) of the Annals of the American Association of Political and Social Science titled “Race, Racial Attitudes, and Stratification Beliefs: Evolving Directions for Research and Policy.” His current work examines the relationship between race/ethnicity and a variety of outcomes including: stratification beliefs, social class identification, racial attitudes, and patterns of inter-regional migration within the United States.

Selected Publications

Matthew O. Hunt, Pamela Braboy Jackson, Samuel H. Kye, Brian Powell, and Lala Carr Steelman. “Still Color-Blind? The Treatment of Race, Ethnicity, Intersectionality, and Sexuality in Sociological Social Psychology.” Advances in Group Processes 30:21-45, 2013.>/p>

Matthew O. Hunt and David C. Wilson. “Race/ethnicity, Perceived Discrimination, and Beliefs about the Meaning of an Obama Presidency.” Du Bois Review, 6:173-192, 2009.

Matthew O. Hunt, Lauren A. Wise, Marie-Claude Jipguep, Yvette C. Cozier, and Lynn Rosenberg. “Neighborhood Racial Composition and Perceptions of Racial Discrimination: Evidence from the Black Women’s Health Study.” Social Psychology Quarterly, 70: 272-289, 2007.

Matthew O. Hunt. “African-American, Hispanic, and White beliefs about Black/White Inequality, 1977-2004.” American Sociological Review, 72: 390-415, 2007.

Matthew O. Hunt. “Race/Ethnicity and Beliefs about Wealth and Poverty.” Social Science Quarterly, 85: 827-853, 2007.

Matthew O. Hunt. “Religion, Race/Ethnicity, and Beliefs about Poverty.” Social Science Quarterly, 83: 810-831, 2002.

Matthew O. Hunt and Larry L. Hunt. “Race, Region, and Religion: A Comparison of White and African-American Church Attendance.” Social Forces, 80: 605-631, 2001.

Matthew O. Hunt, Larry L. Hunt and William W. Falk. “Who is Headed South? U.S. Migration Trends in Black and White, 1970-2000.” Social Forces, 87: 95-120, 2000.

Matthew O. Hunt, Pamela Braboy Jackson, Brian Powell, and Lala Carr Steelman. “Color-blind: The Treatment of Race and Ethnicity in Social Psychology.” Social Psychology Quarterly, 63: 352-364, 2000.

Professional Associations & Affiliations

American Sociological Association (ASA)

Elected Member, Council, Social Psychology Section (ASA), 2007-2010.

Editorial Board, Social Psychology Quarterly, 2005-08.