Len Albright

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Public Policy
education Ph.D., 2011, Sociology,
University of Chicago
Mailing address 573 HO
360 Huntington Avenue,
Boston, MA 02115

Len Albright is an assistant professor of sociology/public policy and a faculty member in the Urban Sustainability Initiative at Northeastern University. He received his PhD from the University of Chicago. His research program focuses on understanding how communities respond to social and environmental change. Current research activities include: (1) study of the impacts of suburban subsidized housing on participants and communities, understanding the mobility process for subsidized housing residents, measuring impact of subprime loans and foreclosures on household wealth (2) study of the community and individual impact of the natural gas boom and environmental change (3) study of issues of collective memory and environmental disaster/toxics exposure (with Phil Brown) (4) a theory project on the relationship between urban watersheds and urbanization. Albright is a member of the Social Science Environmental Health Research Institute, the Hydraulic Fracturing working group, and the working group on Globalizing Cities/Regional Challenges. His research has been funded by the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development and the MacArthur Foundation.

Selected Publications

Climbing Mt. Laurel: The Struggle for Affordable Housing and Social Mobility in an American Suburb. Douglas Massey, Len Albright, Rebecca Casciano, Elizabeth Derickson, and David Kinsey. Princeton University Press (2013).

Len Albright, Elizabeth Derickson, and Douglas Massey. “Do Affordable Housing Projects Harm Suburban Communities? Crime, Property Values, and Taxes in Mount Laurel, New Jersey.” City and Community (June 2013).

Selected Honors & Awards

(2013) Winner of Paul Davidoff Award, Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning

(2008) Robert E. Park Lectureship, Social and Economic Transformation in the Classic Community Study, University of Chicago (declined)

(2003) Junior Fellow: American Academy of Political and Social Science

(2003) James Madison University – Excellence in undergraduate study of sociology

(2002) Oxford University Sociological Photography Competition: 2nd Prize, 4 Honorable Mentions

(2002) Honors Program, American Sociological Association.

Professional Associations & Affiliations

(2001-Present) American Sociological Association