L. Christina Steiger

Assistant Professor of Economics
education Ph.D., Economics
University of Oregon
Mailing address 312A LA
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

L. Christina Steiger earned a BA in physics from the University of Chicago, and an MA and PhD in economics from the University of Oregon.  Before starting graduate school, she taught high school math and science in Northern California.  Her research interests include macroeconomics, growth and development and econometrics. Her research focuses on the extent to which models with multiple equilibria can explain both the income gap between developed and developing countries, and the volatility in growth typically displayed in developing economies. Of particular interest are the roles that political/legal institutions and human capital may play in poverty traps, as well as the role that expectations may play in escaping poverty.  She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in macroeconomics and development economics.

Selected Publications

Curs, B. R., Bhandari, B., & Steiger, C. (2011).  The roles of public higher education expenditure and the privatization of higher education on U.S. state economic growth. Journal of Education Finance 36, 424-441.