Kevin Drakulich

Assistant Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice
education Ph.D., 2009, Sociology
University of Washington
Mailing address 433 CH
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
Selected Publications


* Graduate student co-author.

Drakulich, Kevin M. and Robert D. Crutchfield. Forthcoming. “The Role of Perceptions of the Police in Informal Social Control: Implications for the Racial Stratification of Crime and Control.” Social Problems 60. (Accepted for publication; forthcoming in August 2013).

Drakulich, Kevin M. and Kristin Rose*. 2013. “Being Male or Living with a Female: Fear for Partners by Sex and Sexual Orientation.” Journal of Interpersonal Violence. (Forthcoming; published online December 30, 2012).


Drakulich, Kevin M. 2013. “Perceptions of the Local Danger Posed by Crime: Race, Disorder, Informal Control, and the Police.” Social Science Research 42: 611-32.


Drakulich, Kevin M. 2012. “Strangers, Neighbors, and Race: A Contact Model of Stereotypes and Racial Anxieties about Crime.” Race and Justice 2: 322-55.


Drakulich, Kevin M., Robert D. Crutchfield, Ross L. Matsueda, and Kristin Rose*. 2012. “Instability, Informal Control, and Criminogenic Situations: Community Effects of Returning Prisoners.” Crime, Law, and Social Change 57: 493-519.


Matsueda, Ross L., Kevin M. Drakulich, John Hagan, Lauren J. Krivo, and Ruth D. Peterson. 2011. “Crime, Perceptions of Criminal Injustice, and Electoral Politics.” Pp. 323-341 in Improving Public Opinion Surveys: Interdisciplinary Innovation and the American National Election Studies, edited by John Aldrich and Kathleen M. McGraw. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press.


Matsueda, Ross L., and Kevin M. Drakulich. 2009. “Perceptions of Criminal Injustice, Symbolic Racism, and Racial Politics.” The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 623: 163-178.


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Matsueda, Ross L., Kevin M. Drakulich and Charis E. Kubrin. 2006. “Race and Neighborhood Codes of Violence.” Pp. 334-356 in The Many Colors of Crime: Inequalities of Race, Ethnicity, and Crime in America, edited by Ruth D. Peterson, Lauren J. Krivo, and John Hagan. New York: New York University Press.


Karp, David R. and Kevin M. Drakulich. 2004. “Minor Crime in a Quaint Setting: Practices, Outcomes, and Limits of Vermont Reparative Probation Boards.” Criminology and Public Policy 3(4): 655-86.




Drakulich, Kevin M. Forthcoming. “Social Capital and Collective Efficacy.” Encyclopedia of Criminology and Criminal Justice, edited by Gerben Jan Nicolaas Bruinsma and David Lee Weisburd. New York: Springer. (May 2013)

Drakulich, Kevin M. 2009. “Review of But Is It Racial Profiling? Policing, Pretext Stops, and the Color of Suspicion by Vikas K. Gumbhir.” Contemporary Sociology 38: 38-9

Crutchfield, Robert D., Tim Wadsworth, Heather Groninger, and Kevin M. Drakulich. 2004. “Labor Force Participation, Labor Markets, and Crime.” Grant report for National Institute of Justice grant.

Karp, David R., Kevin M. Drakulich, and Mary Sprayregen. 2002. “Vermont Reparative Probation Year 2000 Outcome Evaluation: Final Report.” Vermont Department of Corrections.

Drakulich, Kevin M. and Avery M. Guest. 2003. “Residential Mobility.” Pp. 1171-5 in Encyclopedia of Community: From the Village to the Virtual World, vol. 3, edited by Karen Christensen and David Levinson. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Professional Associations & Affiliations


Member: American Society of Criminology; American Sociological Association

Active member of the Racial Democracy, Crime, and Justice Network

Reviewer for the National Science Foundation, Criminology, Journal of Quantitative

Criminology, Justice Quarterly, Social Problems

Organizer for regular session “Deviance and Social Control” for 2012 Annual

Meeting of the American Sociological Association


Northeastern University:

Graduate Committee

Undergraduate Committee

Research Seminar Organizer

Faculty Liaison to Graduate Student Association

First-Year PhD Professional Development Workshop Organizer

PhD adviser: Kristin Rose; Hope Ball

Dissertation committees: Kristin Rose; Althea Blake

Master’s thesis committees: Jamie Lepak; Jamie Byron